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MangaGamer has published The Most Forbidden Love in the World, a romance comedy VN by Hermit.

The Most Forbidden Love in the World follows the perspective of Yoshimura Osamu, a middle-aged man at the turning point of his life. He used to be a salaryman but was recently fired, forcing him to move into a cheaper boarding house at the invitation of its owner, who then disappears. The boarding house is instead run by the owner’s abandoned daughter, while being inhabited by a colorful cast of misfits, setting up the romantic comedy.

The Most Forbidden Love in the World was produced by Hermit in 2007. After a long pre-order period, it’s finally available in the West. You can read more about its plot and characters from the official descriptions below:

Having lost his love, job, hopes, and even most of his youth, Yoshimura Osamu (28) uses the last of his money at the local pub and aimlessly wanders the streets.

Yet in this moment of utter hopelessness, the strikingly attractive woman — who had been at the center of attention back in the pub — approaches Osamu on the street in an attempt to cheer him up.

Sensing that fate itself could be at play in their encounter, Osamu resolves to confess his feelings to the older woman, but…

“Come visit me if you ever find yourself in trouble.”

Learning that she runs an apartment complex in a prestigious district of the city, Osamu follows the address he had been given and arrives at the “Terrace House Hinosaka,” a run-down boarding house.

But once there, he meets not Honoka, but a girl young enough to be her daughter… who, in fact, is her actual daughter, Hinosaka Mitoko (height: 144cm).

Osamu finds out that while he was busy contemplating fate and his own feelings, Honoka had found another man and eloped, leaving the boarding house to her daughter and a group of eccentric tenants.

And so this tall, jobless, well-educated, and allegedly young man starts his life anew under the same roof as an admirable, hard-working, but vertically challenged girl who vehemently objects to the final part of that description.

Already overwhelmed by his eccentric new neighbors, Osamu finds himself fending off the inexplicable approaches of a co-worker at his new workplace, opposing the nefarious machinations of a wealthy young woman living nearby, and uncovering the truth about Mitoko’s homeroom teacher: a woman with a penchant for wearing black stockings.

Where will our protagonist, who had unwittingly made bedfellows with misfortune, end up by the conclusion of this story?

Yoshimura Osamu

The 30-years-minus-13-months-old protagonist of the story. A timid and spineless man easily swayed by his emotions, Osamu’s wretched luck cursed him to a life of being constantly used and deceived by those with a hidden motive.

He ends up shouldering all the blame for the illegal activities his company participated in, resulting in his untimely termination. Now jobless, he eventually finds himself living at the Terrace House Hinosaka.

Although most people write him off as useless, in truth, Osamu is a talented and hard-working man who saved several co-workers and companies in their times of need.

Osamu’s height leaves him about two heads taller than Mitoko.

Having been brought up in a peculiar family, he is very picky about his food, with a special fixation on Italian cuisine. He is unable to even stand the smell of rice, as it instantly upsets his stomach. Which, in turn, ends up upsetting Mitoko herself, resulting in her often acting violently towards the older man.

His new nickname at the boarding house is Mr. Laid-off.

Hinosaka Mitoko

A girl who used to live alone with her mother, but after the latter elopes with an unknown man, suddenly becomes the landlord of a run-down boarding house called Terrace House Hinosaka.

Adept at household chores and possessing a brisk, generally cheerful personality, Mitoko never skimps on effort, treating everything with utmost diligence. The way she scuttles about the boarding house often makes the tenants associate her with a small animal.

All the tenants and neighbors adore her, attaching various nicknames to her such as ”li’l landlord”, ”Young Mistress” or simply ”Toko”.

However, she also has a tendency to stubbornly carry everything on her own shoulders without relying on anyone else -- as a result, Mitoko’s overly serious personality can make her both inflexible and heavily prone to obsessing over superficial issues.

Kouno Asami

Mitoko’s homeroom teacher. A striking and approachable beauty who is quite popular among her students and peers.

Although her outward appearance would suggest a person above most earthly matters, she nonetheless involves herself in petty quarrels behind the scenes from time to time.

Asami seems to have trouble with her private life, especially when it comes to men.

Amagi Kaya

A co-worker at Osamu’s new company. She comes off as an apathetic, laid-back person who lives in her own world.

However, she turns out to be quite a caring woman on the inside, nearly forcing the protagonist to stay at her apartment when he finds himself unable to go home.

The casual clothes she wears at home tend to lean towards the sexy and revealing, making the time spent at her apartment a whole new kind of trial for Osamu...

Her nickname eventually becomes Laid-off


Sawashima Himeo

A wealthy university student living at the mansion neighboring the Terrace House Hinosaka. She is also the daughter to one of the biggest real estate magnates in the country.

Although she fills the role of a friendly and proactive big sister figure around Mitoko, Himeo hides another face, turning into a completely different woman based on whether she views the person she interacts with as friend or foe.

She tends to look out for and pamper Mitoko, but treats the protagonist with nothing but animosity.

Her nickname is ”princess”.

Hinosaka Honoka

Introduces the protagonist, Osamu, to the Terrace House Hinosaka but disappears soon after, leaving her daughter, Mitoko, behind. A caring and gentle woman who unfortunately tends to be easily swayed by the tears of men.

You can purchase The Most Forbidden Love in the World on MangaGamer for $34.95.

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