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2D Action Corruption Game Forest of the Beasts Released on Nutaku

oneLegNinja has released Forest of the Beasts, a 2D retro-styled action game with heavy themes of corruption, on Nutaku.

Forest of the Beasts places you in a setting where your heroine and her peers discovers a new land abundant with natural resources. Unfortunately, her fellow hunters go missing in the forest, and now she must trek out and investigate what happened and why everything in the land is so aggressive. That task isn't going to be so easy, as the aggressive monsters will all be extremely willing to rape and corrupt her whenever given the chance.

The game is a 2D top-down retro-styled game with 3 different weapons. There are 11 different enemies, each with unique H-scenes that will slowly corrupt your heroine and break her holes every time she gets fucked by one. You can try to keep her as pure as possible or allow her to be used more and more by the monsters of the forest.

There are 3 different areas to explore, with each area having 3 stages for a total of 12 stages throughout the game and a boss fight in each stage. The main goal in these areas is to try to find power ups to increase your heroine's strength and find the missing hunters that were exploring the forest. The store page lists the key features in the game as follows:

• Retro style, top-down, 2D action

• 11 unique sex animations

• Unique Ending CG for each area and boss

• Challenging fights• Body conditions will change after enemy encounters

• No DRM

Forest of the Beasts can be purchased on Nutaku for $3.50 or 350 Nutaku Gold, and will require Windows to run.

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