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KAIRI SOFT has released a side-scrolling hentai brawler Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies on DLsite.

Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies begins with witches using undead monsters to invade the fairy forest. This leads to the fairies summoning their titular White Goddess. You will assume control over her, trying to figure out the witches’ motives, find their leader, and defeat them.

The game is a side-scrolling brawler in which the goddess Airi can explore the world in four directions and enter side areas by interacting with doors and sidewalks in the level’s background. She can use a series of melee attacks and equippable magical specials, with mana regenerating over time. Defeating monsters grants experience needed for stat improvements and gold — which can buy items, attacks, and convenience options, like zoom-in for hentai scenes.

The erotic portion of the game is triggered by Airi being hit while in melee range. The first hit will trigger a static image with a description, which is then followed by sprite animated rape. By quickly pressing movement buttons players can escape their opponents' grasp.

You can find out more about the game from the official description and sample screenshots below:

Production: KAIRI SOFT

An adult side scroll action game!

The pure goddess is violated by monsters, zombies, and humans!

From gang banging, lesbians, and more!

Game has been translated and available in English and Chinese!!


The dark magician VIVI and the army of the dead attacked the fairy forest.

To save the captured fairies, they summoned the goddess "Airi."

What Airi saw on the human battle field was...?


- 60+ enemies!

- 300+ types of erotic scenes!

- Over 2+ hours and 250+ types of audio just for the protagonist!

- Highly perfected H animations!

Protagonist & Scenarios:

- A cool, pure, and kind protagonist

- Easy functions and cool combos!

- Beautiful and cute NPCs! H scenes included!

- 70k+ text count for scenarios!

- H event for some boss battle defeats!

- Other special H events included...!?


- A free roaming investigation style map!

- Designation display system!

- Warp to different save points!

- Lots of post-completion playability!

- English and Chinese (Standard / Traditional) compatible!


Kurumi Mochitsuki / Kanamu Yogasumi / Kyoko Aieda

Hikaru Ginga / Kichune / Aya Kuchitani / Shiho Bubaigawara

Game-play site:

You can download the demo or purchase Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies on DLSite for about $31.41 estimated from ¥3,456.

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