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DARK FABLE, a fantasy game about Little Evil getting revenge on sorceresses, is available in English on DLsite.

Developed by Dark Tales Town, DARK FABLE is an eroge with gameplay similar to air hockey. You play as Little Evil, whose land was stolen and father’s home was destroyed by four sorceresses. After 33 years, you have become a true dark lord and intend on getting revenge on the sorceresses who took everything from you. Battle and capture each sorceress to make her your servant.

In the battles, you and your opponent will be set on a board and a magic ball will be placed in the middle. Similarly to air hockey, the object is to hit the ball into her goal to damage her health bar. You also have have a level of magic that increases through the battle. A couple abilities that you have includes making the ball invisible and gagging your opponent so she can’t cast spells for a limited time. Each sorceress controls a specific area and have their own playstyle and abilities. Defeat her two times and you will have control over that area, along with your own defense system.

Game description:

Five unique islands, valleys, magical forests and glassy seas, on each of which unfolds and epic battle with a sorceress. Defeat four bright sorceresses, free your friends and crush Tir-na-Tog, avenge the evil desecration of your father's house. With the help of the magic board, you can make raids on the shaky islands without any harm to yourself, and after a successful siege, take the sorceress captive, turning her into a servant and locking her away in a castle.

Game Features:

The game is a magical duel, by functionality similar to Air Hockey.

Charming locations where battles take place.

The castle of the ruler grows with each victory, each defeated sorceress is given a separate room.

Each sorceress has her own skills, as well as her own roles once she is locked away in the castle.

To win, you have to defeat the four sorceresses and their princess.

You can buy DARK FABLE in English on DLsite for $3.92. Make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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