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Erotic Bullet Hell Epido is Now Available on Steam

SekaiFrieden has developed and published Epido, a sexually charged bullet hell about an angel on a rampage.

In Epido you play as a very motivated angel armed with a bow and thousands of Cupid’s arrows, which she can shoot at mach speed. Your goal is to pack enough of them into seven cute girls to make them horny.

The game is a classic bullet hell. You get to pick from seven stages, in each of them you will first face waves of weaker monsters while trying to collect power ups, and then fight a challenging boss, which will fill the screen with bullets moving in predictable, but highly demanding patterns. To deal with your enemies, you have access to a basic shot, a bullet-clearing screen wipe, and two equippable superpowers, like time slow and heal.

As you get hit, your clothes will tear off, but the same goes for bosses. As you defeat them, you will gain gold and favor. Gold can be used to unlock new superpowers, shot patterns, and stat upgrades, whereas favor lets you unlock sex scenes with the stage’s boss. The higher the difficulty you play on, the faster you progress towards unlocks. The cast includes a magician, a slime girl, two types of succubi, a vampire, a streamer, and a goddess.

You can learn more about Epido from the official description and sample screenshots below:


Epido Is A Simple Shoot'em Up Game.

Use Cupid's Arrows to Conquer them.

※ Features

16 achievements

7 Stage & Arcade Mode

8 Attractable Characters

Various Boss Patterns

Parts break system♥

Event scenes by character♥♥

※ Reference Note

There is no language barrier by minimizing text.

You can purchase Epido on Steam for $1.99. The game features censorship, which can be removed by deleting a specific file as, illustrated in the official guide.

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