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A very special guest joins LewdGamer on this iteration of our Lewd Spotlight series of erotic artist interviews. While Cyberunique's name does not immediately jump out at you, his art certainly does to any fan of adult anime parodies and animation.

LewdGamer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cyberunique: I grew up in Jamaica. I moved from there to the US in the early 2000s. Currently, I stay home and draw pretty much all day every day. Before that, I had a job working at a hotel, working at the front desk and valet parking cars, doorman, checkin' people in, stuff like that. I pretty much did everything at that job other than cleanin' the cum stains off the bedspreads.

At that time, I had my website, hentaiTNA, and up to this day, people know me from hentaiTNA for some reason, haha. Back then - this was in 2010 - I had 20 members while I was working at the hotel. At that point, I said “you know what? Once I have 100 members, I'm quitting my job.” I lived in Atlanta at the time so, it seemed doable. Soon after, I put in my two weeks notice and quit. It was risky because I didn't have much savings in my account, but ever since then, I've taken my art super seriously and never looked back. Fingers crossed, lol.

From there, over the years, I've founded and several other sites, but I have been going by Cyberunique since 2003. Self-taught, I’ve always shown a great passion for art, counting many great Japanese animation titles as my inspiration and the artists Koutarou with T, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. I’ve dedicated myself to illustration and I continue to aspire to become one of the best artists in the field.

LewdGamer: How and when did you start drawing?

Cyberunique: I started drawing in middle school; when I was in Jamaica. Mostly, I was doing portraits, landscapes, fruit basket studies, stuff like that. The only thing I knew how to do well was drawing bananas, mangos, and (American) apples, haha. I didn't have the internet or anything at that time, so using what was available around me (lots of fruit from my backyard), I put it in a basket and drew it. I was using colored pencils for the most part, and two pencils specifically. No high tech pencils. I also used my kitchen knife to sharpen it — couldn't find my pencil sharpener most of the time (badass). Couldn't afford to buy the good colored pencils, so it was Crayola all the way.

Once I came to the US, I was in 9th grade. That's when I started learning all about anime (online mostly). Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, stuff like that.

I eventually got a computer and started drawing digitally every single day, at least one picture a day. In grade 10, I started taking everything really seriously and improved my skill fast.

LewdGamer: How long have you been drawing lewd artwork and what got you into it?

Cyberunique: One day in school, there was this kid next to me, lots of people were around him wondering what he was doing. It turned out he was drawing a lewd picture Jessie from Pokemon. That's when a whole new world opened up for me. I was so amazed by the “adult” picture, lol. I was like "HO-LEE-SHIT. Porn." I don't think I ever saw a porn picture of anime or anything before that. Next thing you know, we became friends; I guess he turned me to the dark side. Up to this day, I still thank this guy for showing me that lewd picture.

LewdGamer: How did you arrive at your current art style?

Cyberunique: Hmm, over the years I been trying out a lot of different styles. My favorite site to go to was DeviantArt. There, I could find a lot of talented artists that I could get influenced by, and after a long period of time, I realized I am comfortable with an anime cel-shaded style. So I stuck to that until I slowly developed my own look. Of course, I was also heavily inspired by artists such as Kotoyoshi Yumisuke, Koutarou with T, Julie Bell, and Boris Vallejo, have influenced my works, as mentioned before.

I can't stick to one art style for too long, so I ended up here in the end with lots of practice, trial and error and evolving. I start to get bored if I do the same thing for too long, so that's why I keep challenging myself. That's why I started animating. I feel like it's going to take years for me to even come close to mastering that.

LewdGamer: Do you draw for a particular kind of audience?

Cyberunique: Well, I used to draw SFW content on DeviantArt, like portraits and such, but my love for lewd Jessie was always there. So, I decided to start posting lewd content, and man, I got a rush of people hitting me up. Next thing I know, people were paying me to draw for them.

As for the specific audience, mostly people who are fans of anime from the '90s, like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Outlaw Star and stuff like that. Basically, anime back then was more catered to adults, so those are the kinds of people I try to aim for as far as my audience.

LewdGamer: What is your favorite character and fetish to draw?

Cyberunique: Jessie from Pokemon (bet you couldn't have seen that coming). Surprisingly, I don't actually like to draw my favorite characters nude or getting banged from any dudes. Cammie from Street Fighter, Faye from Cowboy Bebop, etc. If I ever do draw them, I'll draw them in a lip service kind of way, but I never lewd them. That's actually what I was doing a lot before I got into heavy lewd hentai.

I feel like if I draw them in a lewd situation, then I feel like I have to draw some douchebag banging them. I dunno, it's weird! I'd rather just not draw them. I love my waifus too much, I don't want to defile them. If I ever do draw them lewd, they're doing lesbian nonsense or something.

Fetish, I like to draw. Believe it or not, I like drawing sexy pictures without showing the private parts. I believe they're called eye candy pictures? Maybe I'm confusing lip service with that.

LewdGamer: Is there anything you wouldn't draw?

Cyberunique: Things I won’t draw? There's quite a few, I believe. No loli, no gore, no scat, none of that stuff. Pretty much the same story for most artists, I think. I'm okay with pretty much all kinks and will draw anything else. As for beast stuff, no real animals, but I will draw Pokemon, monsters, and stuff like that with no issue. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to what I'll draw. Eye candy pictures? Maybe I'm confusing lip service with that.

LewdGamer: Do you ever face any difficulties in your drawing process?

Cyberunique: Of course, even up to this day. Teaching myself animation is one of my biggest challenges.

I remember in high school, I used to draw every day and some of the drawings were so difficult I wanted to break the pencil and go cry, but I know this was just an obstacle in my way and I had to get past it. So, I kept practicing and practicing until I got to where I am at now. A lot of blood, sweat, tears and banging your head on the wall, haha. But with lots of perseverance and practice, anyone can get there. If you can't draw, just take a break. Go outside, get fresh air, pet your dog. Just take a breather and come right back.

LewdGamer: Could you briefly describe some of the projects you're currently working on?

Cyberunique: For my upcoming projects, I’ve got a few things in the works,

I got few OVA animations videos soon to be released for Vaygren as well. That's what I spend most of my time on these days.

I am also working on getting my new game Futa Fix – Dick Dine N Dash launched on steam and a few other games in the works which will revolve around the Vaygren universe.

And I’m trying to get off the ground. I'm hoping one day I can open an animation studio!

Cyberunique can be reached directly via Twitter, where he frequently posts previews, complete art pieces, and animations.

Cyberunique is part of a growing artist network known as the Kupaa Networks, directly affiliated with LewdGamer. Cyberunique's artistic endeavors can be directly supported by subscribing to his website.

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