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Fantasy Mafia Visual Novel Anno Domini Godfather is Now Available

Masquerade has published their first visual novel, titled Anno Domini Godfather, on Steam.

Anno Domini Godfather is a visual novel about organized crime in a medieval fantasy setting. You play as an ambitious man who created a ruthless and brutal band of criminals in order to one day seize the throne of Asteria; however, over time you discover that the world is not as it seems, and many fairy tales hide truth beneath them.

The visual novel was created together by A.L.V and Masquerade, the latter of which also handles the publishing of the game. You might have heard of it before, as it was originally called Fairy Tale Adventure. It features four endings and multiple girls from fairy tales represented similarly to their popular modern incarnations, such as Snow White or Rapunzel.

You can find out more about the game in the official description below:

Become the godfather of the medieval world.

The Fairy Tale Adventure series introduces the first installment: Anno Domini.

This is an adult RPG adventure that takes you down a path of fairy tales.

You are a simple huntsman living in the legendary kingdom of Asteria, a land ruled by a tyrannical Queen and her daughter.

With the help of a few trusted men and the tight grip of your sword you build up a powerful outlaw group based in the center of Asteria.

Within your first few years you establish your presence as the city's most ruthless band with one and only goal.

To claim your place as the king of Asteria.

As your journey grows deeper you will begin to encroach into a darker world where fairy tale nightmares are very real and discover the deepest secrets of all nations.

What you do with that knowledge is entirely to your desire.

- Become the godfather of the medieval world

- Enter the world of classic fairy tales.

- Uncover the mysterious story of the princesses's death

- Delve into the romantic life of the characters.

- HD 2D Graphics

- 4 Different Endings

- Rewrite the paths in which the characters take.

You can purchase Anno Domini Godfather on Steam for $7.99. Currently, the game is only available for Windows, but future Linux and Macintosh releases have been announced.

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