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Circle Banana King has released Broke Girl, a visual novel centered around paying debts, on PC and Android in English.

Miss Fenna was a pampered, lazy young girl, living in high luxury and never putting herself to work. This idyllic life suddenly comes to an end, as a suspicious man storms into her house with a legal document. Her father has collected a huge debt, and she’s now responsible for paying it off. The man leaves her an ultimatum: either she pays the debt off in two years, or they will use her body to get their money back. This is the beginning of the story for a Broke Girl.

The visual novel reads in a free-form fashion thanks to small elements of management gameplay. Fenna can work up to three times a day, and the player chooses where she does said work. Each workplace improves different stats, and leads to different story events, during which the player may make dialogue choices that branch out the story further.

You can learn more about Broke Girl from the official description and the sample screenshots below:

◆Game Features

◇HCG: 14 base CGs + more than 100 variations

◇Character: 8 outfits + more than 30 variations

◇Endings: 6 different endings

◇A variety of sex scenes

・Memory mode will be unlocked once you beat the game!(No matter which ending is achieved) You can view all the sex scenes freely.


Owing ten million overnight, the spoiled rich girl has no choice but to get out there and find herself a job.

Yet the world is cruel and moral has decayed, all men want is to seduce and insult her with money.

◆Disgraceful Money-making

Choose among all kinds of jobs from being a cashier in a clothing shop to working as bargirl in a hotel, even becoming a porn star.

In order to make money, the once-rich girl is, bit by bit, degenerating into a dirty prostitute.

◆Humanity Test

Large amounts of cash is tempting, are you going to sell your body?

Between love and money, which one will you choose?

The game contains more than 30 choices and 6 endings, the choices you make will decide where her life goes!

◆Game System

◇HCG memory system completed

◇Different endings

◇No pressure design

・Easy to operate with one mouse

・High speed character skip system

You can purchase Broke Girl on DLSite for PC or Android at the price of $11.62, estimated from ¥1,296.

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