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Amoreon, a VR game where you play as a gigolo with a creative touch, is now available on ImagineVR.

Developed by Clitor3, Amoreon, has you play a man who has lost almost everything. Luckily, your friend offers you a job as a gigolo. If you choose to accept, you will be responsible for pleasing your clients and giving them the best experience. Based on a client’s personality and where you meet up with her, you can figure out her sexual needs and desires. If you get a high score and earn a lot of money, you’ll unlock items and accessories that will help you get better at your job.

Amoreon gives the player many options for customization, such as eye color, body size, horns, location, and more. As you unlock items in the game, those items get unlocked in the playroom, a mode that lets you customize your very own ideal client that you can do whatever you want to.

There are also unique clientele available in the game, who will pay you extra if you are able to please them. You can find their phone numbers hidden in your apartment or they will might naturally appear while playing the game.

Amoreon is an adult VR game where the user plays as a man who is down on his luck until a friend gives him a job as a gigolo. His job is then to please clients. From that simple premise arises a staggering amount of customizability with realistic graphics. Users can customize a woman’s features from eye color to body size with a total of 30 individual characteristics. Clothing can not only be customized but also created using a special software tool. There are also nine themed locations including a temple, with a nurse in a clinic, and even on a private jet.

What sets Amoreon apart besides the high graphical quality is the realistic interactivity with the in-game models. Users can not only choose the positions of the models, but also her voice and personality. She can be submissive, dominant, shy, or naughty. As the women are pleasured, their mood changes. Amoreon features a shop from where users can purchase clothes, toys, perfumes, and other items using money they earn from clientele.

Clitor3 currently has plans to release more updates for Amoreon. If you are interested in the game, you can buy it on ImagineVR for $39.99.

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