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Hentai game publisher Nutaku has released a new free-to-play game for mobile and web browsers titled Oblivious X.

Oblivious X is an action adventure RPG that takes place in a fantasy world called Makai, where long ago angels wiped out the human race, leaving only demons remaining. You take on the role of a man who is adept at summoning magic, but is unable to fend for himself. Leading you attempting to summon a powerful demon to aid and protect you.

Unfortunately, your summoning spell doesn't go quite as planned, as a defenseless human woman named Norn suffering from amnesia appears instead. Confused and under attack by angels, she assists you in summoning another human woman capable of fighting off your attackers, Richard I. Thus your journey to unravel the mystery of Norn's amnesia, and your lineage, begins.

Summon beautiful heroines to aid you in your quest as you take on enemies to level up, collect items to strengthen your team, and garner affection with your women to unlock uncensored H-scenes.

You can read the official description and view sample screenshots below:

Today, the online 18+ gaming platform, Nutaku.net, announces the launch of Oblivious X, a new action adventure game. Adorned with amazing Hentai graphics, this free-to-play RPG, loaded with Gacha elements, brings another expedition-filled gameplay to the wide selection of over 200 adult titles on the Nutaku platform.

In Makai, a group of malevolent angels ambushes players. In order to defeat the attacking angels, gamers can build a league of over 60 Legendary Heroes, gifted with amazing swordsmanship. Players can equip their Heroes with Gachas, and unleash their individual skills. With expeditions and quests, players get to earn intimate items to reward their Heroes, eventually unlocking multiple Hentai scenes in their personal in-game gallery!

Key Features

● Collect 60+ Legendary Heroes

● Unique character personalities

● Upgrade up to 6 stars

● Build the strongest guild

● Collect the best equipment

You can play Oblivious X for free on Nutaku here.

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