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The erotic horror Lust from Beyond, from the developers of Lust of Darkness, was completely funded on Kickstarter in just ten hours.

Movie Games Lunarium, who previously made Lust for Darkness, started a Kickstarter for the sequel, Lust from Beyond. While Movie Games Lunarium states that Lust from Beyond is a sequel, it is also a fully standalone title. You do not need to play Lust for Darkness to enjoy this game, but it does take place in the same universe.

Lust from Beyond is a first-person horror game with erotic and occult themes inspired by Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksinski. You play as Victor Holloway, a man who joins the cult of ecstasy after having frequent visions of lechery and pain. He lives with them in a mansion and studies the occult in order to open the gates to Lusst’ghaa, an ancient Land of Ecstasy. Run from or fight strange and grotesque monsters. Interact with the environment around you and solve puzzles to advance.


Victor Holloway, an antiquarian, is tormented by visions of a sinister

land full of lechery and pain. To learn its secrets, he joins the Cult of Ecstasy, whose members

seem to know the answers to his disturbing questions.

Victor learns the cult’s life from within, getting lost in its blasphemous

and sexual customs. Pleasures of this worlds are soon not enough. The

cultists, following Victor’s visions, attempt to enter Lusst’ghaa - the

Land of Ecstasy beyond the borders of our reality.

The initial goal was $15,000 CAD (roughly $11,140 USD) and as of writing this article, Movie Games Lunarium has raised $27,750 CAD (roughly $20,600 USD). There are currently three stretch goals and more will be revealed as the campaign goes on. The first goal that was unlocked at $15,000 CAD (roughly $11,140 USD) was a side story titled, “Queen of Ecstasy.” It will have five items that reveal backstory for the cult’s current leader, Amanda Moon. Since the more than $20,000 CAD (roughly $14,860 USD) was raised, Lust from Beyond will be translated to more than ten languages. This includes Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. The $30,000 CAD (roughly $22,300 USD) stretch goal that has not been unlocked is interactive sex scenes.

The Kickstarter campaign ends June 4th, 2019. If you are interested in Lust from Beyond, or want to learn more about it, check it out on Movie Games Lunarium’s Kickstarter page. There is a demo for the game, but it is only accessible for backers.

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