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Monster Girl Focused RPG Siluman Fantasy Released on Steam

Siluman Soft has released the first part of their RPG series called Siluman Fantasy to Steam

Siluman Fantasy is the first part of a series by Siluman Soft about a world created by Lavos R. Fransteiner. Lavos was attempting to create an ultimate lifeform when he instead created lust-filled monster girls looking only to propagate themselves. You play as Lavos' grandson Shikiyoku Minoru, a neet who has been pulled into this world of monster girls to defeat the monster girl bosses so he can return home.

The gameplay is the typical turn-based RPG Maker style. The turn-based battles give you experience so you can level up and increase your stats and a rock-paper-scissors magic system. Losing to a monster girl opens a scene where she rapes you and there's other CG sex scenes as well.

Your choices throughout the game will have an impact on the ending you get. The game features as listed on the page are:

8 Monster Girls

13 Unique CG with it's own variations.

5 Stages with some weird and unique gimmicks.

4 Endings

And many secrets we put in the game.

Siluman Fantasy is only available for Windows. You can buy it on Steam for $7.99 at full price, though it is currently at 40% off for $4.79 until April 26th. There are also various codices for the game available as downloadable content, many of which have similar discounts until April 26th.

Siluman Soft has a itch.io where they post news, as well as a Patreon and a Twitter.

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