Putting the D in the double D.

Breeding Village , a story about leaving the city for the country life and getting pent-up wives pregnant, is now on Steam.

Developed by Norn/Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games, Breeding Village is a visual novel about a man leaving his miserable office job in the city for a relaxing life in a village.

When the protagonist, Arata (whose name can be changed by the player), arrives at his new home, Megumi, the woman who has been taking care of his house, fills him in on village life and what his role is. Megumi and the other girls living here want to have children, but their husbands are not virile enough to impregnate them. As the young city boy with stamina to spare, it is your job to fuck all these horny wives and bless them with your seed.

Enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, relax in the local hot spring, and get to know your neighbors on a very intimate level. Fulfill their desires and get them pregnant. There are fifteen H-scenes altogether, and the HD images have 16:9 and 4:3 variants.

Sick of the city? Unfulfilling job? Well, say 'sayonara' to that stifling corporate job and stuffy apartment and begin a new and exciting career in Breeding Village today! The kind and charming locals will be happy to show you the sights of our beautiful village like; the beautiful mountain trails, scenic views of the rolling fields, our local hot spring and community center make for great hot spots to deepen your bond with fellow members of the community. Your responsibility will be to fill our fertile fields with a strong young seed.

Upon arriving in the Breeding Village you'll be greeted by Megumi, she has been maintaining the house you'll be moving into, she is eagerly awaiting your arrival! From there she will help you come to grips with the ins-and-outs of your role in town and introduce you to the other ladies who will require your 'unique services'. Settle into a 'slow life' in the countryside with Megumi and the girls as you fulfill your duty as the young buck of the village.

You can buy Breeding Village on Steam for the reduced price of $7.99. After April 26th, the price will return to its default price of $9.99.

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