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An Australian studio is seeking funding for their yaoi visual novel, set in a medieval fantasy universe, titled The Divine Speaker.

Two and a Half Studios is made of BL and yaoi fans wanting to bring about an adventure story with believable characters and themes of travel. Their ideas formed The Divine Speaker, a boy’s love visual novel set in a fantasy world.

The Divine Speaker will focus on Raen, a young man just entering his adult life, who is tricked into breaking the law and sentenced to death by exile. The inhabitants of Aurelia Cavella believe that outside the town survival is impossible. Raen will have to challenge the truth of these claims as well as other mysteries plaguing him, but with luck, he may even meet others who live in the allegedly uncharted lands.

Two and a Half Studios plans to craft a visual novel featuring three characters to romance, with over ten endings between them; an original soundtrack, 60 unique CGs, and over 120 CGs with variants included. The Divine Speaker will be available for PC and Mac in English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. It should provide about 15 hours of playtime.

Below, you can read the official story description, meet the characters, and see some sample screenshots:

The Kickstarter campaign aims to collect $11,481 and has gathered $4,954 so far. The Kickstarter will last until May 31, and if it fails to reach its minimum goal, the money will be returned. Donating $25 or more will get you a copy of the game upon release. Higher tiers provide access to beta builds and physical goodies, like the artbook, wall scrolls, and dakimakuras. Currently, the studio is aiming to release The Divine Speaker in late 2020 or early 2021.

If you’d rather provide long-term support to Two and a Half Studios, you can also check out their Patreon. Additionally, a free demo of the game is available at

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