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Minori's nakige visual novel, Trinoline, has been released on both Steam and MangaGamer.

Despite the developer's recent closure announcement, Minori's emotional slice of life visual novel Trinoline has finally been released in English. Trinoline follows the story of a young man named Shirone Nanami, who lost his younger sister in a terrible accident. Years later, on a hot summer day, he stumbles upon an android girl named Trino, who looks exactly like his dearly departed sibling.

Trinoline features basic sprite and CG animations, three romance routes, fully voiced heroines, hundreds of CGs, a 50+ song soundtrack, and over 30 hours of average reading time.

We have included a promotional video, official synopsis, character bios, and sample screenshots below:

One hot, midsummer's day, Shun Nanami's sister, Shirone Nanami, drowned at sea. It's a memory he will never forget; one that will forever be etched into his heart. He vows to live in her stead from then on and to make up for the life she never got to have.

Time passes and Shun currently spends his days attending school like any other student. Yet another sultry summer bears down upon him, reminding him of the sibling he had lost all those years ago...

However, that summer was different. Shun hears a piano's melody far off in the distance--a tune Shirone always adored. He follows the sound to its source, only to find... his sister, Shirone.

"Please take care of me from now on, Onii-chan."

The being that stood before him was not of his own flesh and blood, but an android who looked exactly like her. Her name was...


When tragedy leads to the advancement of science and the development of a sentient android indistinguishable from humans, what does it mean to be human or android? Is it possible for man to love machine, or machine to love man? Is such a love even real or nothing more than a series of numbers? Can there ever be a future where such love may flourish, or is it destined for heartache?



A new model of android developed by Sara called “TRINO,” who resembles Shun’s little sister. Externally, she looks just like a human, but has difficulty reading situations since she is still learning. She is a being one could almost consider a mascot whom soothes those around her with her unique charms.

Yuuri Miyakai

Shun’s long-time friend, and the only daughter of a family whom runs a condominium. She likes to think of herself as a delinquent, but serves on the Disciplinary Committee since she isn’t the type who can turn down a request.

Sara Tsumugi

Another long-time friend of Shun’s whom has possessed a genius intellect from a young age, and a scientist involved in android development. People tend to think of her as a cold-hearted person since she loves experimenting, but she is actually kind at heart. Although she is the same age as Shun, she is much more mentally mature and sometimes toys around with him.

You can purchase Trinoline on Steam and MangaGamer for $29.74 and $29.70, respectively, at 15% off during its initial release week. After April 25th, the price will revert to its full pricing at $34.99 and $34.95.

In order to unlock adult content in the Steam version, you'll need to download MangaGamer's free patch here. Like all of Minori's other English releases, all 18+ content retains its original mosaic censorship.

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