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Igdrasil Studio has released Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death version 1.3 Final, which includes the 18+ IF Mode.

We’ve written about Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death’s early access release on Steam in a previous article. Now, the game has been updated with new additions, including the awaited IF Mode.

If you aren’t familiar with Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death, it is an episodic mystery visual novel. You play as Kazuki Koyama, a young detective who works for the Igrasil agency. Igrasil investigates murder cases that are deemed as impossible and this time, they have their sights on a serial killer, dubbed The Phantom. While working on some unrelated cases, Kazuki finds a clue that could lead to the one who killed his parents.

IF Mode features alternate endings with 18+ scenes involving the four of the main characters: Aki, Akito, Kaoru, and Suzumi. Since players have asked about adding more characters to IF Mode, Igrasil Studio has stated that, as of right now, they can only focus on the main cast, but if Bloody Chronicles - A New Cycle of Death is successful, they are willing to make adult content for the secondary characters.

Few words about IF MODE.

IF MODE is directed to the adult players only!

Story present in "IF MODE" isn't connected with the main story. It's an alternative ending of the main story.

Many players have asked us about IF Mode with secondary characters such as Eiko, Michiko or Asako. We are honored because it means players love Bloody Chronicles' story and characters as much as we do. For now, due to time and budget constraints, we must focus on IF Mode Episodes with the main cast members.


We at Igrasil always listen to our fans' suggestions so, if Bloody Chronicles is a big success, we are willing to work on R18 content for Eiko, Michiko, and Asako.

You can read about the full update for Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death on Igrasil Studio's Kickstarter. If you’re interested in the game, it’s currently on sale on Steam for $19.99. After May 1st, it will return to its original price of $24.99.

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