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A pair of independent developers is working on Dandy Boy Adventures, a hentai adventure game set in the late '80s.

In Dandy Boy Adventures you take the role of a sophomore student named Alex. For the time being, your only goal is to get yourself a girlfriend. What will keep this simple quest interesting is the vast variety in gameplay and a colorful cast of characters inhabiting the town. You could chase after your classmates, including a childhood friend or your jackass rival’s girlfriend. Then there’s the local slutty nurse, your bi-curious sister, your friend’s hippie mother, or your own mother — she's been lonely since your father left the previous year.

The game is set in a fictional town during the late '80s. The majority of it plays as an axonometric RPG. You will be interacting with various characters, making simple choices and picking up quests for either the main or side storylines. Sometimes it’s you and your dorky sidekicks spiking the punch at a party, other times you’ll be stealing a package to get some weed. From exploration, to stealth, to puzzles, to arcade minigames, Dandy Boy Adventures aims to keep things interesting.

You can check out Dandy Boy Adventures by downloading the demo from Game Jolt. The game is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. However, if you’re using Os X Sierra you will be prevented from opening the file until you apply a workaround described on the game’s Game Jolt page.

The game is being made by Oni, who works on the game’s design, art, story, and programming, as well as Brakus, who’s the lead programmer and engineer. You can support them on Patreon. Various donation tiers will let you affect the game’s development, grant access to the expanded demo version, and more. There’s also a dedicated Discord server for Dandy Boy Adventures.

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