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Nekoshaku has put up the English translated version of their ryona game, Little Red Riding Hood Goes Shopping, on DLsite.

Little Red Riding Hood Goes Shopping is a 2D platform game with brutal sprite deaths and CG sex scenes. It puts you in the shoes of a horny Little Red Riding Hood, as she takes a vibrator from her mother's house to her grandmother's house. On her way, a black-hooded child and the monsters in the area will try to stop her and you can get a CG of her being raped after a game over.

The gameplay is that of a simple 2D platformer. Little Red Riding Hood will lose a life whenever she runs into an enemy, an attack, or tries to jump on specific enemies. Some enemies can only die to the shells of certain turtle enemies, and some cannot die at all. Specific enemy attacks will result in a unique ryona death instead of the typical defeat animation. The CGs of Little Red Riding Hood being raped will not trigger if the last life was lost to one of these. In the purchased version you can view CGs you see from an option in the menu.

The controls for the game are listed on the page as follows, but keep in mind that only movement and jumping can be mapped to the gamepad and everything else you will still have to be input with the mouse and keyboard. The game's "hidden tricks" are activated by holding tab while you press the button, and not simply pressing tab beforehand.

"E" - joystick operation switchover

For those users who have a joystick, press "E".From that point, you can play with everything using the joystick.

"W" keyboard operation switchover. This switches you over from the joystick to keyboards."Enter" - pause

"Right arrow" Proceed to the right"Left arrow" Proceed to the left

"SPACE" jump. Jump again by pressing the "SPACE" bar during jump.Jump high by pressing on the enemy with "SPACE"

*2nd stage jump is prioritized, so if you can jump high with the first enemy-stamping jump, keep pressing the "SPACE" bar.-- When using hidden tricks (during game)

If you press the "TAB" key, you can use the hidden tricks. (Some of the hidden tricks can be used even in the trial version)."Z" Speed-up

"X" Speed-down"B" Throw turtles.

"R" - Start the present stage from the beginning."P" - increase remaining lives.

"ESC" - End game

You can either purchase Little Red Riding Hood Goes Shopping or pick up the demo on DLsite. The normal price is estimated at $12.53 but will be available for 20% off until midnight of April 23rd for $10.02. You will need Windows in order to download and play the game.

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