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Kagura Games has published peperoncino's town management game, Holy Road, on Steam, JAST USA, and MangaGamer.

Holy Road is a town building game where you manage your own medieval town; however, rather than a king, you play as a bishop. After being exiled, your only means of getting revenge is to build a community of your own. While the game concerns itself mostly about providing resources and growing the town, it features a basic combat system as well.

Being a bishop means you’re privy to the various maidens' secrets. By exploiting your status and what you hear in the confessional, you can easily convince local women to grant you their virginity.

You can view the trailer, read the official descriptions, and see sample screenshots below:

In Holy Road, you play the role of an exiled bishop.

In order to reobtain what was rightfully yours, you must start all over from the very beginning.

You must start your own kingdom, increase its population while defending your citizens, and thus increasing your wealth and power.

Only by doing this will you be able to get revenge on those that wronged you.

Do you have what it takes to build your own kingdom from scratch?

Find out for yourself in this kingdom building simulation game!


- A Kingdom Building Simulation Experience

- Construct Buildings

- Increase your Population

- Defend your Citizens

- Amass Wealth and Power

- And Defeat your Enemies!

The Bishop

A man whose corruption and depravity truly know no bounds. He views every beautiful woman as a target for his lust, and faith as nothing but a means to see his sinister agenda realized.

After being exiled to an unsettled land for his misdeeds, the bishop makes it his life’s mission to exact his revenge on those responsible for interfering with his schemes.


The bishop’s ever-present and ever-carnal servant. She harbors a vendetta against the very same man responsible for the bishop’s condemnation, and together they work to see the day that their vengeance may be more than just a dream.

To describe her as “zealous” would be an understatement. Her tortured past has inflicted considerable damage on her heart as well as her psyche, rendering her downright ruthless.

You can purchase Holy Road on Steam, JAST USA, and MangaGamer for $15.99 at 20% off, with the sale ending on 12th of April at Mangagamer and on 18th of April on Steam. The game will cost $19.99 at full price.

The Steam version has been censored, but the adult content can be restored by installing the official adult patch.

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