Putting the D in the double D.

Xand arts' adult otome game, Love Ritual, is available now on Steam.

Love Ritual is an adult otome game that mixes visual novel dialogue with point-and-click adventure gameplay. You play as Riilai, a scientist with expertise in the occult who was called by police to assist in their investigation. A forbidden ritual has been performed, and the police have two suspects in custody. There’s Kalaseth, the straight-laced representative for the Necromancer League, and Shanrae, the charismatic representative for the Druid Circle. It’s up to Riilai to find the truth and identify who is guilty, but that can be a challenge when both suspects are at each other’s throats and determined to defend their group by any means.

Love Ritual lets you interrogate the suspects, solve puzzles, and investigate your surroundings for important items and easter eggs. Interact with the world around you and find evidence at the crime scene that can be used for cross-examinations. The sweet-talking suspects are charming and persuasive; can you stay neutral to their advances?


Love Ritual will put you into the shoes of a young woman Riilai, a professional scientist with extensive knowledge of occult rituals. In the midst of a big case, the police reach out to her family seeking their expertise on the forbidden ritual that had taken place at the crime scene. Riilai arrives in the city to find that the police have two suspects in custody, one belonging to the Necromancer League, the other from the Druid Circle, and both claiming innocence. Under extreme pressure, it is up to Riilai to use her expert opinion to determine the guilty party.

The suspects each have an advocate from their respective groups ready to defend their clients and sway Riilai to their side. Remaining neutral will be hard for Riilai however, as both advocates are as charming as they are passionate in their defense of their clients.

But, over the course of the investigation, things take a darker turn and Riilai will have to trust her heart to see her through to the end...

You can buy Love Ritual on Steam for $11.99. There is also a short demo also available to download on the platform here.

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