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Marvelous has announced localization plans for their ecchi pinball game SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball.

The Senran Kagura franchise is no stranger to exploring new genres. It contains platformers, brawlers, rhythm games, and third-person shooters. Soon enough it will also dive into the arcades with the pinball title SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball getting an English release.

Also known as Peach Ball: Senran Kagura in Japan, the game was co-developed by Marvelous Entertainment and HONEY∞PARADE GAMES for Nintendo Switch. In it, the girls from the franchise are turned into kemonomimi and can be cured only using the mysterious pinball called the Peach Ball.

Players get to choose from two tables with multiple variants, and two types of balls with different vibration settings. Then they select a girl that will sit in the center of the table. The goal is to fulfill challenges listed in the corner of the screen, which allows the player to enter a sexy challenge. It's a minigame that will slightly undress the girl upon completion. Winning two minigames allows for a super sexy challenge: the player has to shoot pinballs at the girls' breasts or buttocks to close the distance, and once the flippers get right under them, the player can issue a good paddling that will change the girl back to normal.

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball will include a story mode, diorama mode, and the dressing room. You can check out the reveal trailer and official description below:

Plunge into this new adventure and flip, bump, spin, or ricochet the Peach Ball into the shinobi to return them to their normal selves.

With customizable tables, special minigames, a story mode, and fan-favourite additional modes including diorama mode and the Dressing Room, SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball is set to be one of the hottest pinball games yet.


So...this is going to take some explaining. Haruka, the mad scientist of Homura’s Crimson Squad, is up to her usual experiments again, brewing up mysterious concoctions with unknown effects. Unfortunately for her fellow shinobi, she’s chosen the local arcade she works at as her laboratory, storing her experiments in the bathroom. After an accidental outbreak infects five of her shinobi friends, she learns that her latest concoction can transform those exposed it into animals, at least mentally.

Now, with Asuka, Yumi, Yomi, Ryona, and Murasaki causing wild havoc in and around the arcade, Haruka has devised a way to return these shinobi to their senses – the mystical Peach Ball. Applied to a subject’s body repeatedly, with the proper vibrational force, it can undo the effects of her experiment. Conveniently, it’s just the right size for a pinball table. Now all Haruka needs is a skilled assistant to operate the table, bopping each shinobi girl with the ball until she comes around.

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Ball is scheduled for release in UK, Europe, and Australia this Summer. A US release hasn’t been announced as of yet. When questioned for potential censorship on Twitter, Marvelous answered by promising a content complete release.


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