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Denpasoft has released a free 18+ DLC for the Steam version of Wagamama High Spec.

Wagamama High Spec had its English release in 2017 thanks to publisher Denpasoft, which was a year after the game’s Japanese debut. It’s a love comedy about an anonymous manga writer Narumi Kouki, who’s currently a student. However, once Rokunoji Kaoruko discovers his secret, she blackmails him into joining the school’s student council, beginning a chaotic romance comedy with a school background.

Narumi Kouki, our hapless protagonist, writes a risque romcom for a weekly manga magazine. Due to its content, he's kept it a secret from everyone except the two closest to him: Mihiro and Toa.

One day, by a strange turn of events, he discovers that the school's Student Council President, Rokuonji Kaoruko, is actually the illustrator for his manga.

The Student Council is looking for a male representative, so he is persuaded into joining. Because he has a secret to keep, he joins on the condition that his manga work be kept confidential. However, Vice President Ashe, unaware of his circumstances, is vehemently against him joining. In the midst of all this, the students' requests and problems keep on pouring in...

The game focuses on four different heroines: Rokuonji Kaoruko, the Student Council president who's also the illustrator for Kouki's risque manga; Ashe, the hard-working and strict vice president; Toa, a lazy genius who likes to play video games; and the naturally-talented Mihiro, who attracts all kinds of animals despite her aversion to them.


- Over a hundred beautiful illustrations

- Dozens of adult CGs

- Four adorable and busty heroine routes

- Comical story and SD art

- An extras menu featuring a CG gallery, customizable sprite gallery with scenario creator, and music room

- Bonus H-scene per heroine

- Interesting side characters with possible development in sequel

- Original Japanese version with minimal mosaics

- Grand prize winner for Japan's Moe Game Awards 2016

Wagamama High Spec has been a highly successful visual novel, spawning a 12-episode anime and a sequel. The initial release of the game hit both the Denpasoft store and Steam, but the Steam version was devoid of adult content due to the platform’s policy at the time.

This has now changed with the introduction of a free 18+ DLC for the Steam version available here on Denpasoft's site.

If you haven’t looked at the VN before, you can grab it on Steam or Denpasoft for $39.99.

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