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Crossdressing Miko Visual Novel Trap Shrine Released on Steam

Eroge Japan has released developer No Strike's yaoi visual novel, Trap Shrine, on Steam.

Trap Shrine is a visual novel putting you in the shoes of Masato, who has inherited a shrine to the Goddess of Marriage. This Goddess doesn't like women around the shrine, and so the only shrine maidens able to work there are all men. He only has his self-proclaimed older sister Mishiro and the divine figure Hinowa working under him. Mishiro manages to keep convincing Masato to not hire anyone else to try to ensure he can have Masato's virginity and hand in marriage by keeping any possible suitors Masato could have out of his life.

Looking for a way out of his sister's marriage proposal, Masato prays for divine intervention hoping to find a female wife. Divine intervention comes in the form of Yui, the cross-dressing Goddess of the shrine, coming down trying to marry him instead. Now you have to decide how Masato will continue, with these two traps fighting over his hand in marriage.

Trap Shrine features 2-4 hours of play as a narrative-based visual novel, with a full soundtrack and voice acting. While the game's text is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English, only the voice acting is in Japanese. It contains crossdressing, boy-on-boy love, foul language, and dirty jokes.

Character bios on Trap Shrine's main characters can be seen below, as well as some official screenshots of the game.

Endou Mishiro

"My Sister Sense is tingling! There's a filthy sow getting close to Maa-kun!"

Self-proclaimed big sister, shrine maiden, and also a Crossdresser!

The protagonist's loving big sister, perhaps a bit TOO loving at times!Her position as sister is put to the test due to Yui's arrival, and a fierce rivalry ensues.


"I shall grant your wish in full!"Sealed cross dressing Goddess.

The Goddess sealed inside Kotomusubi shrine's cave. She wields the power to create and strengthen bonds.The gods of heaven were afraid she might cause chaos in the world, so they sealed her.

It took our protagonist's heartfelt wish and a bit of magic to bring her back to this world.Seeing the reincarnation of her past love in him, she immediately proclaimed herself as the protagonist's wife.


"I know I may not look it, but I'm a true, proud God!"Exceedingly cute Komainu.

The incarnation of the Komainu enshrined at Kotomusubi Shrine.

A glorified errand boy for the gods, so his power isn't particularly exceptional, and despite his usual clumsiness he still claims to be a powerful God.

His original role is to watch over the sealed Goddess, but since the shrine's going through rough times, he took up a part-time job as a shrine maiden.※The supporting cast (Hinowa) isn't a heroine this time around.


Protagonist extraordinaire.The chief priest of Kotomusubi shrine.

Unable to keep up with his sister's advances, he ends up asking for divine intervention, only to end up being courted by a Goddess instead!

Our protagonist is between a rock and a hard place. What will he do?

Trap Shrine can be purchased on Steam for $9.99, with a 10% launch discount, and requires Windows to run. There is an 18+ patch that adds erotic scenes into the game that can be downloaded here. Eroge Japan has an official site and a Twitter you can check out if you are interested in following their work.

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