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The money raising, slice-of-life RPG, Terrible Laboratory is available on MangaGamer, JAST USA, and Steam.

Terrible Laboratory is an RPG developed by aburasobabiyori and published by Kagura Games. You play as Konica Yaegaki, a talented scientist who is creating a robot that will be a technological breakthrough. Everything was progressing smoothly until her lab assistant sabotaged her project and ruined her reputation. To make matters worse, her competitors are snatching up her other lab assistants.

Now that she’s short on help and the robot she has been working on is broken, Konica needs to pick herself up and get back to work. The greatest issue she has to face is a lack of funding. In order to keep her lab going and fix her robot, Konica needs to make more scientific breakthroughs and take on some inappropriate part-time jobs. How far are you willing to go to save your lab, reputation, and development of your robot?


21-year old Doctor Konica Yaegaki is one of the most famous scientists in the world. Recently, she had been developing a brand-new robot; a technological breakthrough that could shock the world. However, the betrayal of her lab assistant sabotaged its development. In addition, competing companies are stealing away her other lab assistants. In order to repair the robot and save her lab, Konica must raise as much capital as possible!



● A Slice of Life RPG

● Earn money through Scientific Breakthroughs● Earn money through Part Time Jobs

● And take down Konica's peers and the companies trying to sabotage her!

If you are interested in Terrible Laboratory, the game is on sale at MangaGamer, JAST USA, and Steam. It’s currently discounted to $8.21 on MangaGamer and $8.24 on both JAST USA and Steam.

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