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Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story, the sequel to Waffle’s oppai visual novel, has found its way to Steam.

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story follows the life of king Lute Hende, who spends most of his time having fun with his harem of six oppai concubines; however, trouble is brewing, as the neighboring countries find offense in his rise to power and plan an invasion.

The visual novel is a direct sequel to Funbag Fantasy, picking up not long after the previous game. Like the previous title, it features numerous female characters with breast sizes ranging from big to huge and focuses on political intrigue in a fantasy world.

You can find more about it in the official descriptions:

Critically acclaimed for its mature contents and equally captivating plot, “Funbag Fantasy” finally gets a direct sequel!

Picking up from where the harem route of the original game ended, this installment promotes the popular—though originally without their own endings—General Gladys and Prime Minister Emeralia to main heroines. But that's not all! As the story unfolds and embroils neighboring nations, many new heroines enter the stage.

The full-bodied fantasy awaits those who know how to get a bang out of funbags!


- Traditional Visual Novel with multiple heroines

- Almost 200 beautifully drawn CGs to explore

- 20+ hours of average reading time

- Story written by Kagami Hiroyuki, a massive boob lover and widely acclaimed for his worldbuilding!

- Character designed by veteran artist Q-Gaku!


A year and a half has passed since Lute Hende, the lowest graduate of the Knight Academy, ascended the throne of Edelland. The kingdom has seemingly secured itself lasting peace as an invasion from the neighboring Kingdom of Lingobard has been repelled. Even King Lute himself spends peaceful days cuddling with six beauties when he is free from his official duties.

However, having been routed by General Gladys, the king of Lingobard, Bazalt I, has vowed to retaliate for the disgrace and begins devising a sinister plot. Meanwhile, in one of the major powers of Eurodia, the Kingdom of Fronce, start to appear those who resent the sudden rise of Edelland. The most prominent figure among them is the grand chamberlain of Fronce, Marquis Cuvier. In his plot to crush Edelland, he sets his sight on the succubus queen-consort, Shamsiel. And he is not the only one who finds Shamsiel's existence troublesome. Voices of dissent about the succubus queen rise in the State of Vacatin, the central point of reference of the Church of Holy Rood—Eurodia's most widespread religion.

Oblivious to the looming danger are Lute and Shamsiel, aiming-to-wed Gladys, and Lute-devotee Prime Minister Emeralia. What kind of show awaits our heroes facing three powerful opponents: the Kingdom of Lingobard, the Kingdom of Fronce, and the State of Vacatin?


Gladys von Wackenheim

The high commander of Edelland and a concubine in Lute’s harem. She is displeased with the fact that Lute does not officially marry her.

Gladys was the castellan of Vunderbalt Castle. In Inland, where she was renowned for her prowess in the art of war as well as being the daughter of Hero Wackenheim, Gladys lost in her confrontation with Lute. She has since lost her heart to him and self-proclaimed herself his wife.

She is very popular with military personnel.


Previously, Princess Luceria’s private tutor. These days she works as the prime minister, but is still versed in the magic arts. She is also a concubine in Lute’s harem.

In fact, Emeralia is quite the nympho, and an expert in sexual techniques.

Shamsiel Shaharl

Also known as simply Shamsiel. A wedded wife of Lute I. Her job is to look after former rebels sentenced with penal labor in Vunderbalt. Rumor has it she threatens to “eat” the prisoners.

Despite being a succubus, with the adoption of a new law, Shamsiel officially married Lute. Nowadays, she is one of the three queen-consorts, but, apparently, considers herself to be the first queen.


The queen-regnant of the Kingdom of Fronce, a great power of Eurodia. Despite sometimes being called Virgin Queen, whether or not she really is a virgin is a delicate subject. Among her interests is meeting different people, and she doesn’t mind going out to meet them herself. She is also interested in Lute. Having knowledge of martial arts, she goes as far as challenging him, but she is not fond of wars.

Aphrodia knows very well that Fronce’s national treasury is shrinking day by day, and waging a war in this situation would prove difficult. Therefore, she repeatedly rejects Grand Chamberlain’s expansionistic rhetoric.


A magician and a retainer of the Kingdom of Lingobard. Sir Argent presents her to Lute as a tribute to be used as a “milk maid.” She makes several attempts to kill Lute in Boan, but fails. Furthermore, having her breasts sucked once, she becomes enthralled by Lute’s techniques. Thus she finds herself between a rock and a hard place: whether to fulfill her duty or to indulge in her own lust.

Roxanne de Desir

A wedded wife of Lute I who engages in official duties. Once a daughter of an impoverished noble and a prefect’s wife, she married Lute I after becoming a widow. Nowadays Roxanne mostly manages the palace’s kitchen and meals. And as other poor wives, she excels in rational use of food, thanks to which the court’s expenditures on meals has been greatly reduced. Though it goes without saying, her cuisine is top grade.

And as always, she lactates well.

Isis Petrovna Elenskaya

A concubine of Lute’s harem. She is an elite knight attached to the King’s Guards, but the title of Bedroom Soldier suits her equally well. Born in Ostacia, she was Lute’s classmate in the Knight Academy. After graduation with the second-highest grades, she was attached to the King’s Guards. Later, when Lute returned to the capital, Isis was paired up with him on a dangerous mission.

She used to despise knights who rely solely on their luck, like Lute. But now she loves and deeply respects him.

Luceria von Diamante

A wedded wife of Lute I who engages in official duties. A princess at that time, she got to know Lute shortly after he was promoted to high commander. Later, as Lute was appointed as her private tutor, he taught her about lewd things. Not long after, she married King Lute.

Because Luceria has some fairy blood flowing in her veins, she loses her head during sex. That fiendishness of hers matches that of Shamsiel.

Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob is now available on Steam, where it can be purchased for $38.24 at 15% off until the 4th of April, at which point it will cost $44.99 at full price. The game can also still be purchased on Mangagamer's own storefront, available at full price for $44.95.

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