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Rob Colton, an experienced writer of gay novels, has been hard at work on Human Cargo, a bara VN set in the same universe as his previous works.

Human Cargo is a romantic gay visual novel about a young mechanic who, after a series of heartbreaking and violent events, joins the five-man crew of a cargo freighter. The story focuses mainly on his relationship with the five available love interests, composed of the large and aggressive captain, a lustful devil-like pilot, a hotheaded hunky engineer, a playful doglike humanoid alien, and an older, but kind doctor.

The visual novel is being written by Rob Colton, who began his writing career back in 2010 with gay romance novels, and later in 2012, began the Galactic Conspiracies Series, for which he created the sci-fi universe now used for Human Cargo as well.

Human Cargo is Rob’s first visual novel, and the development is already quite far ahead. You can read the official description for it, as well as view sample screenshots and character cards below:

Yoshi Garcia is stuck in a rut, professionally and personally... until he finds himself kidnapped by alien pirates. At first opportunity, he escapes, stowing away aboard a cargo freighter, where he hopes to hide out until he can sneak off the ship. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he's immediately discovered by the freighter crew.

Kol is the gruff warrior who commands the ship. Razix, the red-skinned flirty Regulan, is the ship's hot-shot pilot. Zed, the furry beast, is the security chief. Nasir, the territorial human, keeps the ship's systems running. And finally, Doc, the intelligent blue-skinned Sargan, keeps the crew patched up.

Help Yoshi find adventure and romance (and hot sex) amongst the stars!

Human Cargo features male/male situations and is intended for mature audiences.

Human Cargo is being distributed on through the "pay what you want" payment model. As of this writing, the latest version of the VN is 0.7, and some routes have already been written to completion. It's available for windows, mac, linux, and android.

While Rob is fully capable of writing and coding the game on his own, art isn’t his forte. You can help him pay for his artist’s hard work by supporting his Patreon. The $3 tier already provides you with access to the test builds, as well as a full version upon the development’s completion. Backers of higher tiers will receive thanks in-game, as well as access to some of Rob’s previous works.

Finally, you can also visit Rob Colton on his private website, or check out his books on Goodreads.

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