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Dharker Studio has released Echo Tokyo Games' dystopian cyberpunk visual novel, Echo Tokyo: Phoenix.

Since the global cataclysm, a nuclear cloud covers the earth, killing all life on the surface. The last human survivors have escaped from it by elevating themselves into the skyscrapers of Tokyo. This new city lacks a centralized government, and as a result, is overrun with violent gangs and manipulative, corrupt organizations. The story of Echo Tokyo: Phoenix follows Shizume Misaki as she attempts to survive in this harsh environment.

The visual novel has been developed by Echo Tokyo Games and published by Dharker Studio. It is a follow-up to their previous novel Echo Tokyo: An Intro released back in 2016.

It features a choice-driven plot, with lesbian and straight sex scenes. The game was made possible due to community funding, where the campaign for Echo Tokyo: Phoenix and its upcoming sequel, Echo Tokyo: Reaper, has reached four times its initial goal.

You can check out the official description and sample screenshots below:

About Echo Tokyo: Phoenix

Echo Tokyo - The last remnant of humanity exists in this cyberpunk city of the future.

Take control of the young woman 'Shizume' one of the cities 'Fixers' in the cyberpunk city. Trying to survive from one day to the next.

Live inside a cyberpunk city. Where there is no law. Choose your own way to survive in a city without law and order.

Key Features

[*] Decisions that affect how the story unfolds.

[*] Dark twists and turns for an exciting story arc.

[*] Uncover dark and hidden truths of Echo Tokyo.

You can purchase the Echo Tokyo: Phoenix on Steam for $11.89 at 15% off until April 5th, past which it will cost $13.99 at full price. The visual novel is also available on Nutaku for $14.

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