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French eroge publisher and localizer Eroges has released Ammolite's cafe and incest-centric visual novel, Oppai Cafe.

Originally released in Japan in 2017 as Oppai Café ~Oyako de Cos Chichi~, Oppai Cafe tells the story of Kazuki and his struggling family business that quickly turns into more than a tale about financial woes, when his mother and sister get involved in his father's plan to compete against a rival business.

The plot synopsis and sample screenshots directly from Eroges:

Business is not good for our family coffee shop. And there’s a reason for that, a new café on the corner has French maids to serve customers. We needed to find a solution… and quickly. My father decided to change my mother and my sister’s outfits when they were serving, and put them in sexy cosplay to bring in new clients. Before leaving he asked me to keep an eye on them. But … how could I stay cool when faced with my mother’s big breasts and my sister’s provocative outfits … I don’t know how I’ll deal with the situation! They seem to have gotten ideas in their heads since dad left ...

Oppai Cafe contains a good mix of fetishes, including incest with the protagonist's busty mother and his younger, less-endowned sister, along with costume play in relation to the many changing themes of the cafe.

The short 10-hour story features multiple endings and branching events accessed via a choice system promoting action during story and sex scenes. All of the game's saucier CGs are also viewable in a special gallery accessed via the main menu.

Oppai Cafe is now available on the Eroges storefront for $18.6 (1860 Erogolds) for PC, Mac, and mobile devices and requires an Internet browser to be played. The title contains mosaic censorship during the sex scenes.

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