Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Undeterred by their initial defeat, Squid Sins Squad seeks community funding for their mythology-themed visual novel, Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island.

We first spoke of Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island in 2017, when the indie developers Squid Sins Squad sought to fund the game’s development for the first time. Sadly they missed their target by a small margin, but have now returned to ask for your support once again.

The concept of the novel hasn’t changed much. The game will take place on the titular Island where mythical fey can hide under the protection of an oracle’s spirit. You take the role of a kelpie taken to the island for recovery after being attacked by humans. Much of the game is about your interaction with the locals as you develop potentially romantic relationships with them. The game will also feature friendship routes for people who aren’t interested in intimate bonds.

Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island will feature a whopping total of eight love interests, each representing a different mythical race. The list contains a satyr, sphinx, mermaid, harpy, centaur, naga, minotaur, and an anggitay. Their relationship with you will be based on your dialogue choices, as well as performance in a Bust-A-Move minigame. The developers plan for a total of 19 endings, and offer adding even more characters and mini games as stretch goals.

Check out the official story description and sample screenshots below:

You, an independent selkie just enjoying life in the Ocean, have been captured by the strange creatures called humans. Kept in darkness without your precious skin, you’re sure it’s the end when suddenly a team of rescuers sweep in and take you away.

They whisk you off to a hidden island; but not just any island. You find yourself at a rehabilitation center for fey who have been hurt by humans. And while you are not grievously wounded, the rescuers couldn’t recover your skin. You are now stranded on land, with no way to ever get home.

From there you meet the inhabitants of the island, and can choose to interact with them, or not. There is a large degree of freedom in this game for you to shape the world how you want. You can pursue a character’s entire story line, unlock an ending, then go back and play another. Or you can take turns engaging multiple characters, learning about their past and what brought them to Sanctuary Island. The world is your oyster.

Squid Sins Squad hasn’t just been lying dormant for the past year, they've developed a big chunk of the game already. They're done with most of the script, music, and character designs, as well as made major progress with other aspects of the game. However, they do require funding to complete their work.

Currently, the developers are aiming for $8,000, and have already reached $2,921 at the time of the writing. You can read about the project in more detail and consider supporting it on it’s Kickstarter page until April 22. This time there’s also a demo of the game available on

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