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Epic Works is creating a slice-of-life visual novel called Rainbow Dreams.

Rainbow Dreams is a comedic visual novel currently in production focusing around an antisocial college student named Luka who suddenly finds himself with a mysterious girl telling him that she is his wife. This silver-haired girl claims to be the goddess Myra Orbis, the creator of the universe of Gaea, and has vacated the land of Elysium so that she may enter the human world. Luka must now juggle the tasks of hunting daemons at night with his daily struggles of college life while also dealing with Myra on-top of it all.

The main game won't contain any explicit or mature content in it, leaving mature content limited to a DLC patch in regards to the Steam version. However, Epic Works is unsure if the patch will go through on Steam due to worries with Steam's content approval. Kickstarter backers pledging at least $10 will receive a fully uncensored version of the game along with a Steam key regardless of if the DLC patch is approved. The following features are listed on the games Kickstarter.

Crisp, High Quality Anime Art

Unique, 3D Camera

5+ hours worth of story

70-80K+ words

20+ CGs

12 music tracks

Beautiful VFX

Dynamic Animations

Meaningful Choices

Interesting characters and a deep world, hidden with secrets

Ambient OST

You can check out some of the character descriptions, along with some sample images, below:

Rainbow Dreams is currently fully funded on Kickstarter and will be released. Epic Works has some stretch goals available for funding additional features.

  • $3,000 - Two new characters added to Rainbow Dreams.
  • $5,000 - New BGs, CGs, and sprite variations for each character.
  • $7,000 - Full voice acting for every character.
  • $8,500 - Combat scenes and some BGs and CGs will be semi-animated.
  • $12,000 - A fully animated opening video.
  • $15,000 - A fully animated ending video.

When It comes to pledging, there are two ways you can pledge: custom pledges or pledge tiers. Pledging tiers, listed below, will include everything from the lesser pledge tiers before it.

  • $10 - The digital download for the full game, as well as a Steam key.
  • $15 - A digital copy of the OST.
  • $25 - An HD digital copy of the art book.
  • $40 - An 11" by 17" full-color poster of the main cast.
  • $60 - A 6" acrylic chibi stand set
  • $80 - Physical release of the game
  • $100 - Physical release of the OST
  • $250 - A physical hardcover version of the art book
  • $500 - Design the mysterious woman from the agency. (Limited to 1)

If you are interested Epic Works has a Kickstarter where you can support Rainbow Dreams. The game will also be released on Steam when it is out. The publisher Top Hat Studios also has an official page at itch.io, which has a playable demo. The estimated release date is May 2019. A version is planned for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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