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Modders have already stripped down many of the female characters from Devil May Cry 5, and even got around to males.

Eleven years after the last entry in the main series, Devil May Cry 5 has revived the beloved franchise of action games with great success, once again proving the future of single player games. The title has brought back many beloved characters, as well as introducing new ones. Given their cool designs and undeniable beauty, modders didn’t wait long before undressing those actors for all to see.

The quest for creating nude mods was made easy by the game already featuring nude character models in its data, mainly for use in cutscenes. Additionally, the game runs on the same engine as the Resident Evil 2 Remake, so tools made for its nude mods have been swiftly repurposed for use with Devil May Cry 5.

Before we list the so far released nude mods, the ini tweak that removes the lens flare censorship deserves a mention. You can read about it on One Angry Gamer.

The first nude mod to emerge was a self-explanatory topless mod for Nico made by maliwei777 on the 3DM forums.

After that the naked model of Lady from the game files was used to replace the in-game model. Sadly this piece of art doesn’t have textures for the details like nipples, but still serves as a great showcase of Lady’s beauty.

The case was similar with Trish, but a modder by the name of Gosetsu has added the missing elements to the textures.

The ladies aren’t alone in the game, however, modders took care of V as well. Made by Gosetsu, just like the mod before, the Naked V modification takes clothing off of the summoner. Though, there's no mesh for the genitals in the game, so V’s anatomy will resemble that of a ken doll.

You can download all of the mentioned Devil May Cry 5 mods from Nexusmods:

Topless Nico made by maliwei777 was reuploaded by aldenalden4 here.

Naked Lady by BombasticGoose can be found here.

Finally Gosetsu’s Naked Trish can be found here, and Naked V is here.

If you want to join-in on the Devil May Cry 5 action, the game is available on Steam for $59.99.

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