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MangaGamer has released an interview-themed visual novel, titled The Interview: You Know What You've Got to Do to Get the Job.

The Interview: You Know What You've Got to Do to Get the Job is a simple visual novel with its premise made clear right in the title. The player will follow a day in the life of a small studio’s president. The president’s job is a bore, but has a major upside: he’s completely in charge of the interviews and loves to test how willing and dedicated the applicants are.

The VN is a nukige focused on two girls in need of a job: an office lady and an airheaded college student. They will engage in one-on-one sex and group sex, just to earn a place at the studio.

You can read the official description and view sample screenshots below:

Our hero is the president of a tiny studio known as Happy Productions. But behind the dull grind of production work, he has a secret: Taking girls who are looking for a job and seeing just how far they are willing to go.

Today's resumes are from an intelligent looking office lady and a student who looks like a bit of an airhead.

"Well, well... Who should i play with first?"

These unsuspecting girls will come in for an interview, but will they do what it takes to get the job?

Satsuki Nishizaki

- Occupation: Office Lady

- Desired Position: Production Office (Hopes to be a producer some day)

A very smart and strong-willed woman. Could be a model with her looks.

She’s in her 3rd year of work as an office lady for a editorial company.

She often thinks of how she would do things differently if she was in charge, so she hopes to move into a production position.

She wants to be recognized for her talents, but she has not yet received an offer from any companies (Though she has been asked if she’d like to be a model at those same companies). Fed up only being judged on her physical appearance, she’s willing to put up with a lot if it means getting to where she wants to be.

Our hero sees this and happily begins to lead her down the path to a type of work she probably never considered...

Yachiho Matsura

- Occupation: Student

- Desired Position: Sales Department

A bright, friendly student. She’s got better style than a swimsuit model.

She attends a women’s college. She’s always dreamed of being in show biz. She’s never thought about being the one in the spotlight. She just wants to work along side famous people, almost like a fan.

With that reasoning, no company has even offered her an interview. Feeling a sense of impending doom, she realizes she has to do something fast.

Sensing her impatience, our hero uses kind words and the hope of a job offer to slowly lead her astray...

You can purchase the PC compatible version of The Interview: You Know What You've Got to Do to Get the Job on MangaGamer for $14.95.

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