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Nutaku has released a free-to-play, word-building RPG, Limerick Heroines, on their storefront.

In Limerick Heroines, you play as a mighty bard who joins a guild of adventurers and, after joining a group of sexy girls, embark on an adventure through fantastic lands.

The game is composed out of episodes selected from the word map. Each episode contains a set of challenges, which are variants of word games. The most standard are RPG battles, in which you will be creating words out of letter pieces on a square board to deal damage. Setting letters on certain fields will give you more points, extra gold, or load your teammates’ magic power, allowing them to aid you with special skills. Other such word games include reaching from one side of the board to the other with words, building score with a turn limit, trying to score within a limited area of the board, and more.

The story of Limerick Heroines is presented through visual novel cutscenes. The final cutscene of each episode ends with a lewd event if the player performed well enough on select key missions of the episode. Aside from rewarding the player, the heroines play an active part during gameplay. They can level up and each has three upgradeable skills, two active and one passive.

You can read the official description and view sample screenshots below:

Travel to Crystal City to join the sexiest guild of adventurers. Through turn-based word game RPGs, your Bardic Inspiration empowers your teammates’ abilities to crush foes and obstacles alike. Find loot, complete quests and lead them to victory to seduce these legendary ladies!

Key Features

- Battle enemies and overcome obstacles in challenging word games!

- Unlock & train powerful & sexy adventurers!

- Collect rare treasure to dominate in events!

- Seduce your heroines to access explicit adult scenarios!

You can play Limerick Heroines for free on Nutaku.

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