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Nutaku has released a match-3 RPG game for web browsers and android titled Seven Sirens.

Seven Sirens is a role-playing match-3 puzzle game, whose developers wanted to provide multiple different stories and themes in one package. In the game you will journey through different incarnations of your life, set in various universe and time periods, each inhabited by your destined soulmate called a Siren. Your relationship with the sirens will vary and be highly dependable on your dialogue choices during visual novel-like cutscenes. Each of the girls can be led towards one of three different endings.

The meat of the gameplay itself is a match-3 puzzle game. You have to defeat a given foe before either the time runs out, or you run out of health. While you can’t get extra turns, you can heal yourself by matching the right tiles, as each type of tile provides different effects. Some deal damage, others increase the damage of your subsequent attacks. Tiles can be further customized with linear upgrades and special powers. Unlock and select your special effect, then match four base tiles. This will spawn a special tile that activates the effect once matched.

The game's hentai content consists of classic hentai CG's during cutscenes, and interactive, player-controlled simulations. Additionally, the heroines are voiced in Japanese.

You can read the game’s official description, and see a few samples below:

Through a mysterious portal, players embark on a journey to an alternate life. Players can enjoy their own reincarnated selves, and encounter attractive past, present, and future soulmates, each called a Siren. The game allows players to immerse themselves into fully interactive sex scenes with impressive audio voiceover. Featuring three different story endings for all characters, Seven Sirens is packed with unique time travel storylines, transcending through eras and universes. From LARPing high school students, consorts of Space Pirate Queens, to Rival Commanders in Feudal Japan, Seven Sirens has them all!

Key Features

- Interactive sex scenes

- RPG-driven puzzle mechanics

- Top quality voiceover

- Three unique Story endings for all characters

You can play Seven Sirens for free on Nutaku.

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