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Gun Gun Pixies Are Coming to the West for PC and Nintendo Switch

PQube reveals plans to publish an English version of Gun Gun Pixies in the West on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Gun Gun Pixies was originally released on PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2017. Now, the publisher PQube has announced that a Western version of the game will be released this year on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Developed by Compile Hearts and Shade, the game is an ecchi third-person shooter set in an all-girls dormitory. You take control of alien special military soldiers from planet Pandemo, where antisocial trends are ruining the society. In hopes to solve this problem, the Pixie Team was formed and sent to observe the human race.

The difficulty of this task comes from the size difference between the soldiers and humans. Members of the Pixie Team are comparable to a human thumb. As the player controls the pixies, they will be tasked with stealthily finding items of interest within dormitory rooms, pacifying the girls by shooting their body parts with tiny guns, and more. As Pixies take damage during the missions they will lose their clothing all the way down to censor clouds, which come right after the underwear.

You can find the game’s official description below, together with the announcement trailer.

The crazy Japanese third-person shooter and 3D platformer in one sends two tiny girls from outer space to earth, so that they can infiltrate a women's college dormitory. Once arrived, the Pixies stealthily bustle about the regular sized girls' towering legs and rooms to fulfil their mission: study human behaviour in order to help overcome the social issues of their beloved home planet!

Gun Gun Pixies will be published in 2019, though, no exact date was given so far. There's a special day one edition of the game, which includes the artbook, that will be available for the Switch.

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