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The visual novel Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- set to release in the Summer of 2019.

Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- is a trap-filled eroge visual novel developed by Nounai Kanojo. On February 22nd, JAST USA announced that the title will be translated and released during the Summer of 2019.

After many failed relationships and being dumped by the girl of his dreams, Ikuto decides to give up on women. In an effort to mend his broken heart and take his mind off his ex, he leaves the city and travels to the mountains. On the way there, Ikuto gets lost during a storm and tries to look for shelter. Instead, he finds a tunnel into the mountainside, where he encounters a village full of traps. To make things even weirder, the villagers believe he’s a messenger of God and try to seduce him during his stay.

About Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku-

The story starts right after Ikuto, our poor protagonist, is dumped by the woman of his dreams. He's never had success in romance, so he resolves to be completely done with women. To clear his mind and heal his broken heart, he leaves the city on a journey into the mountains. But what was supposed to be a fun expedition quickly becomes a desperate situation as Ikuto gets hopelessly lost. When things seemingly couldn't get any worse, a storm hits the mountains. In his search to find shelter, he comes across a mysterious tunnel that leads into the mountainside. He enters and finds something unexpected on the other side...

You can read about the release of Tomgirls of the Mountains -Josou Sanmyaku- on JAST USA’s article.

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