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Golden Fever has released an English version of the RPG simulation game, Do you have AKIRA Points?, on DLsite.

Golden Fever is an independent Japanese developer that made WE ARE BANDITS!! and has now have put out an English translation of their new game, Do you have AKIRA Points? . It is a simple RPG simulation game wherein a girl shows up in your life one day, revealing that she is your childhood friend whom you haven't seen since you were children. She tells you that her name is Akira, is in need of a place to stay and is willing to give you her tokens of gratitude in return.

The concept is rather simple. You can chat, cook for, and do activities with Akira in return for AKIRA points, that you can use to get Akira to warm up to you and open up further. As you gain more of these points she will perform more erotic services for you and will be willing to wear different outfits, which can yield unique scenes.

The game was made using RPG TKool MV and runs at a 912x624 resolution. It features 37 base CGs with over 240 variations, with its own background music and sound effects. Mouse, keyboard, and gamepad input are all supported and you will need Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 to run it. Do you have AKIRA Points? has a free demo that you can use to try out the game and test for any compatibility issues.

A few sample screenshots can be seen below. A promotional video for the game is also available on Chobit.

Do you have AKIRA Points? is now available on DLsite for $12.56.

You can also follow Golden Fever on Twitter, visit their official blog or check out their Ci-en.

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