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As time passes, more nude mods for Resident Evil 2 emerge, this time giving some raw chest action to the male cast, aside from giving us more lewd Claire.

Just a week ago we wrote about nude mods for Resident Evil 2, drawing your attention towards the topless and nude mods for Claire and Ada. Modders haven’t had their fill yet and have produced more worthwhile edits to the game.

Firstly, two more topless mods for Claire have gained our attention. The "topless Claire but with Bandage" mod gives similar vibes to the previously described wounded Claire mod, however is much less gruesome. A bit less nude, but perhaps even more lewd, is the Claire noir transparent shirt adult version mod, which makes the noir shirt DLC costume wet and partly transparent, showcasing the game’s plot in a more lore-friendly manner.

Additionally, modders have also given some attention to the main male cast. You may reconsider whether you want to run away from the haunting Mr. X, as he can now sport solely a thong thanks to the "Beachboy X" modification, which removes most of his clothing, leaving only the smallest underwear marked with the Umbrella logo right where it matters.

More recently, modders have made their way to Leon. This policeman can now put his chiseled abs and shaped pecs on full display, while wearing no more than a thong, just like Mr. X in the previous mod. Turns out, there’s just enough space down there to display the police insignia, and that’s all his uniform needs.

You can download the topless Claire but with Bandage here. Simply unzip it into the main game’s directory, and then wear the military outfit in-game.

You can get Claire Noir Transparent Shirt Adult Version here. You’ll need to own the DLC to use the mod. The mod itself is installed using the Fluffy Manager.

The Beachboy X mod can be found here. Likewise, it’s installed with Fluffy Manager linked above.

Sexy Leon resides here. The mod requires you to use the manager as well.

If you missed out on the Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can purchase it on Steam for $59.99

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