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Girls Garrison TD and 7 Angels are among the latest free-to-play games available on Nutaku.

Nutaku has released two free-to-play games: Girls Garrison TD, a tower defense action game, and 7 Angels, a puzzle dating sim.

Girls Garrison TD takes place in a kingdom that is being attacked by the Dread Overlord. With the help of your harem of sexy warriors, protect the kingdom, cast spells, and show off your strategic prowess. Collect items and improve your defense so you’re ready for anything the Dread Overlord throws at you.

Recruit beautiful and powerful warriors to fight alongside you. Give them gifts and talk with them to increase their affection. Do it enough and they will reward you with their bodies.


•Real Time Strategy Tower Defense Action

•15 Explorable locations with 3 levels of difficulty to master

•10 Gorgeous Warriors to recruit and seduce

•60+ Uncensored Scenes

•Collect items and resources to upgrade your arsenal and gifts to give to your harem.

•Build towers, perform skills, cast magic, and manage your troops’ defenses

•WebGL, PC Client (Coming Soon), Mobile (Coming Soon)

7 Angels is a match-3 dating sim. When a succubus curses you to an eternity of pain in Hell, your only option is to become a Sex God to remove the curse. Seduce and fuck seven angels via Dating App to save your soul from endless suffering. Go on dates and complete each girl’s challenges and you’ll receive erotic pictures from them.


• More than 500 kinky photos to unlock

• Meet and fuck random girls

• Fuck the 7 Angels of sex

• Test your skills with the girl’s challenges

• Deep Reaching Exploration & Choice System

• Visual Novel Style Interactions

• Collect all the Golden Cards of the 7 Angels

7 Angels and Girls Garrison are both free-to-play on Nutaku.

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