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Slave’s Sword 2, a sequel to the sexual slavery RPG by Circle Poison, has made its way to Steam and MangaGamer.

Slave’s Sword 2 follows Luna, a girl born into a royal family of knights, who quickly became disillusioned to the inequality between the commoners and nobles. In the original game, Luna fled her family and became a mercenary. After a series of lewd events, she ended up helping to liberate the city of Cellway.

Now, her forces are advancing towards the Kingdom’s capital, taking important bases along the way; however, on one day, Luna is cornered by imperial knights and defeated in combat, abducted, and thrown into the dungeon. Thus begins Luna's second humiliating story of seeking refuge from slavery.

Slave’s Sword 2 has been made by Circle Poison and plays like a traditional fantasy RPG with turn-based combat. You can learn more from the trailer, description, and screenshots below:

After having been victorious in the battle for the Free City, Luna and her allies begin taking important bases of the Empire.

However, while getting very close to the Imperial Capital, Luna is confronted by an opponent who is totally out of her league...

Now Luna must escape captivity again. Will she be able to make her way out and finally take down the Empire!?

Find out in another Prison Escape RPG by Kagura Games and Circle Poison brought to you in native English!


A Classic RPG Adventure

Explore a Fantasy World

Upgradeable Equipment

Day and Night System

Stealth System

Voiced Main Character

You can purchase Slave’s Sword 2 on MangaGamer for $12.70 until the 22nd of February, at which point it will cost $14.95, or on Steam for $12.74 at 15% off until the 28th of February, from whence it will cost $14.99.

The Steam version of the game is censored and requires an adult patch to re-enable the lewdness. You can find it on publisher Kagura Games' website.

If you missed out on the first game, you can read about it in our release article.

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