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Pixel-teishoku has released their Castlevania-style Midnight Castle Succubus on DLsite.

Midnight Castle Succubus is a hentai action platformer strongly inspired by the early Castlevania games. You play as a busty succubus hunter armed with a whip. After a succubus unleashes demons and undead upon the local town, killing men and kidnapping women, it becomes your job to lay her to rest.

The game features an aesthetic akin to NES titles of old and a similar control scheme to the first two Castlevania games, albeit a bit easier to control than in those classic titles. There are slight RPG mechanics with the hunter being able to talk with NPCs and buy upgrades, but the game’s main focus is on platforming action. You will gather gold and weapons by breaking candles, fight zigzagging enemies flying in from off-screen, and face a boss in each area.

Midnight Castle Succubus features 64 HCGs and 36 hentai pixel animations — some related to girls you rescue, others taking place upon the heroine's defeat. There’s six different whips, five sub-weapons, eight unlockable abilities, and four difficulty levels.

You can read the official description and check out sample screenshots below:

* Succubus Hunter's Way

Succubus issues threats against humanity once every 100 years.

While men die weirdly and young women disappear one by one,

a succubus hunter visits a cursed city under the moonlight.

Let's rescue abducted girls and defeat the succubus!

* 64 HCGs (25 newly drawn HCGs)

* 36 H pixel animations (25 newly drawn H pixel animations)

* Main Weapons

- Leather Whip: Short-range and deals less damage. You have this by default.

- Thorn Whip: Long and twice as strong as Lether Whip.

- Chain Whip: Twice as strong as Thorn Whip.

- Flame Whip: Twice as strong as Chain Whip. Effective against ice.

- Ice Whip: Twice as strong as Chain Whip. Effective against flame.

- Magic Whip: Twice as strong as Flame Whip. Throws a magic ball.

* Sub Weapons

- Scythe: Goes in a ballistic trajectory and penetrates through enemies.

- Boomerang: Goes to the corner of the screen and returns.

- Bomb: Stays still for a moment and deals damage to enemies.

- Clock: Stops enemies' movements for seconds.

- Cross: Aims and chases after a nearby enemy.

* HCGs and H Pixel Animations

There are 16 girls confined somewhere in the vast map.

An HCG will be shown when you come close to a girl and

an H pixel animation when you arrive in the scene where she is confined.

* H Scenes

When she gets lethal damage while clothed, her HP becomes 1 and she gets naked!

If she is damaged without clothes, she will fall prey to monsters.

* 4x Difficulty Levels:


Actions to be added as the game progresses:

- Air Jump (jump twice)

- Dash (press right/left key twice)

- Attack Downward/diagonally downward (down (+ right/left) + attack key in the air)

- Wall Jump (jump on the wall)

- Vertical High Jump (up key + jump after down key)

- Swimming (mush jump button in the water)

- Flying (mush jump button in the air)

- Hovering (hold up button in the air)

* Supports Gamepad

Xbox 360 gamepad's default setting is pre-set.

In-game key configuration is implemented.


Planning/Production: pixel-teishoku

Graphic: Libra Heart

Music/SFX: (C) PANICPUMPKIN / YouFulca

Font: Misaki Font

* This product uses the same image materials as:

"Castle of Succubus (RE156689)"

"Succubus to Muttsu no Mahou (RJ203314)".

* You can switch between Japanese and English on the title screen.

You can purchase Midnight Castle Succubus on DLsite for about $12.70 USD, estimated from ¥1,404 JPY. A lengthy demo of the game is available on the store page if you wish to try before you buy.

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