Putting the D in the double D.

In the latest issue of the Lewd Spotlight, LewdGamer had the chance to talk to Dsan, an artist with big ambitions to draw the largest and most well-endowed ladies on this side of the planet.

Dsan's art quickly stands out with the huge number of futanari pieces he lovingly creates and shares with his even more loving fans. Preferring to use a style more befitting his extensive library of comic work, the stories featured in Dsan's work are as erotic as they are amusing.

LewdGamer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Dsan: Former Barista, Art School Graduate and full-time smut artist. Before smut, I was also a freelance artist for several video games, character designer for a 3D animated show and finally some clean-up animation on Skullgirls.

LewdGamer: How and when did you start drawing?

Dsan: Started drawing ever since I was in 1st grade, but started to take art seriously in early high school. Was super inspired by DBZ back then and wanted to work in animation ever since. So roughly about 19 years of practice.

LewdGamer: How long have you been drawing lewd artwork and what got you into it?

Dsan: I started in January 2014 and have been doing it every day for 5 years. Honestly, it was just on a whim. I was super frustrated with my art for SFW stuff and just wanted to relax by drawing some lewd things for fun. Posted a few pieces to Hentai Foundry and got a positive response and even a few commissions! Shortly after that, I started streaming live commissions and made my first NSFW comic titled "Mya and Janet". From there, I just kept going and didn’t stop.

LewdGamer: How did you arrive at your current art style?

Dsan: For my style, I always try to do one new thing in every picture I make, even if it’s a sketch. It could be how a certain line is drawn, a type of color blending, and so on. Eventually, from doing so many live stream commissions, I came up with certain shorthand tricks and certain ways of drawing really quick. My style is based on the idea of ‘get it done and move on to the next thing.’

LewdGamer: Do you draw for a particular kind of audience?

Dsan: I draw what I want to see and what makes me happy first. If anyone else happens to like it, then that’s great! I do take into consideration what trends are popular or what themes work for certain people, but in the end, I won’t make something I wouldn’t enjoy myself.

LewdGamer: What is your favorite character and fetish to draw?

Dsan: My favorite fetish to draw is just girls with dicks bullying guys, and this is the types of comics I usually draw as well. It may not be for everyone but there is definitely an audience for it, and as the saying goes, “niches get riches!” As for my favorite character, it would probably have to be my little demon avatar just doing random gags and stuff.

LewdGamer: Is there anything you wouldn't draw?

Dsan: Let’s just say I prefer drawing big boobs and big dicks on big women having a fun time.

LewdGamer: Do you ever face any difficulties in your drawing process?

Dsan: All the time! Probably my greatest difficulty would be getting started on work. I’m always procrastinating and doing things to “prepare” for work and eventually it’ll be 5 pm and I haven’t done anything! Often the best solution is to just sit my ass down and push myself to do it, even if every part of me is saying “I don’t wanna!” Eventually, once I get going I can usually find my groove, but it can still be a struggle to not distract myself on purpose.

LewdGamer: Could you briefly describe some of the projects you're currently working on?

Dsan: Right now, I’m wrapping up my current variety comic “My School is Full of Yokai?!” on my site, and starting a new chapter of my ongoing webcomic “Cup O’ Love.” I do about 2-4 pages of my variety comic, and one page of Cup O’ Love each week. In between the comics, I do two weekly commission streams and at least 1 illustration a week if have time.

So many projects...

Dsan can be reached directly via Twitter, where he frequently posts previews and complete art pieces.

Dsan is part of a growing artist network known as the Kupaa Networks, directly affiliated with LewdGamer. Dsan's artistic endeavors can be directly supported by subscribing to his website and Patreon.

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