Lick twice for service

Lilium x Triangle, a yuri visual novel centered around a love triangle between a succubus and two sisters, is now available on JAST USA.

Developed by Petit Pajamas, Lilium x Triangle is a yuri visual novel revolving around Haruka, a succubus who absorbs energy by kissing cute girls, and the two sisters who love her.

After arriving in the human world, Haruka commits to kissing as many cute girls as possible. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and she collapses. When two sisters, Yuuna and Sana, find her, they take her home and let her stay with them. Now that Haruka is in a comfortable living situation with a roof over her head and two girls to suck energy from, she’s enjoying the freeloader life, but that changes when Sana confesses her love for Haruka. That’s when the succubus awakens to romantic feelings for Yuuna and Sana, beginning to see them as more than an energy source.

Haruka, a succubus from the demon world, came to the human world with one goal: To kiss tons of cute human girls and suck their vital energy! However, she’s had no luck with that and ends up collapsing in the street, only to be found by sisters Yuuna and Sana. She immediately latches onto them and ends up as a freeloader living in their home. Haruka is more than happy being in this predicament, but everything changes when Sana, the younger of the two sisters, confesses to her.

Finally awakened by her romantic desires, Haruka comes to a realization that’s going to turn her world upside-down:

“It’s a feeling of wanting to be together with someone forever. Spending every day together... That’s why... I can’t hold it back any longer. Because I love...”

Lilium x Triangle is on sale on JAST USA for $10.19. After a certain amount of time, the price will return to its original price of $11.99.

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