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Online adult store MangaGamer is currently offering a bundle of 7 games for Valentine’s Day.

In the romantic spirit of Valentine’s day, MangaGamer has put together their first bundle, made up of seven lovely visual novels, which will be available until the 21st of February.

The first game on offer is Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ Garden~. It follows the romantic adventure of a man who was forced to transfer schools after he went bankrupt. To help students continue education, the once female-only St. Francesca Academy allowed him to take the entrance exams, which he managed to pass.

In the academy and its dorms, Akihiko will become closely acquainted with the reliable sempai Fuyurugi, his lesbian classmate Riru, a shy girl Sony who’s working to become a nun, a sensitive and art-loving Ayaka, his sister Umi who also attends the academy, and Yukia, a girl who once rejected him.

The next title is A Kiss For The Petals: The New Generation!. The yuri novel concerns itself not with people in search of love, but already formed couples who struggle with the early stages of being in a relationship. The story follows three pairings with their own quirks, be it Rina’s boldness in her affection to Nagisa, or the Kimishima twins' incestuous nature.

The third novel is Deardrops, which we have reviewed previously. It follows Suganuma Shoichi, also known as the “Violin Prince”. After his musical career is ended by a scandal, he retreats to his hometown in Japan to work at the live house, 696. There, he meets Gonda Eiji and becomes dragged into a musical adventure of the titular band, Deardrops.

Next up is D.S. Dal Segno. In this visual novel, the protagonist is a transfer student at Kazana Island, a place where summer is everlasting. Over time, he makes a lot of new friends there, from the robot girl Ame, to a reliable classmate, Hazuki and a much more carefree Himari, to the occult maniac Io, not to mention that his sister Mei and cousin Noeri also live on the island.

The fifth title is the beginning of Supipara - Alice the magical conductor. Chapter #01 - Spring Has Come!. This mouthful of a title follows Yukinari Sanada, who returns to his hometown of Kamakura City after a seven-year absence. Upon rejoining Yukinari academy, he’s dragged into the action committee for the upcoming Miss Oumi Academy Pageant. There’s a lot of work in front of him, but it’s not going to be dull, as he’s surrounded by his sister Rikkka, his cousin Sakura, who’s trying to become an Idol, the half-french and sadistic Angeline Amano, a first-year student and shrine maiden with a split personality, Yuuzuki, and finally Alice, an actual, modern-day witch. It bears noting that this title is not an eroge.

The sixth title is We Love Master. This somewhat hardcore novel follows Yuuki Toshiya, a kind, rich, and good-looking student with excellent grades, beloved by his classmates. In private, however, he’s an absolute pervert. When given the chance, he blackmails three girls: the cheerful and hard-working Sakura, the shy and introverted Kuu, and the prideful heir to a corporation, Shishiouin Hime. The three girls will face sexual training at the hand of a deviant, assisted by his ever-loyal head maid Ema.

The final title included in the offer is MangaGamer's own Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~. It follows the adventure of a fairy, Asirrera. Living in a hidden fairy village, she’s fascinated by the human world and the romantic tales of fairies going there to find love. She decides to try it herself and breaks the village laws by transforming into a human. She winds up helping save a maid cafe in Akihabara ran by Satoru. To do so, she employs the help of her tomboyish friend Crita and mature mentor Haruante. Keep in mind, this title is an all-ages product without sexual content.

You can purchase the bundle on MangaGamer for $35.95 until the 21st of February. If you elected to purchase all of those visual novels separately, they would cost $224.65 USD.

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