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REAL has released a new costume DLC on ImagineVR for their virtual reality simulator, Itazura VR.

An interactive simulator by REAL, Itazura VR, has received a new DLC pack featuring multiple costumes for the game’s female protagonist. Those include a sling bikini, bondage, and one-piece swimwear, a sweatshirt, and a lingerie-style high leg. Between them, the new costumes feature 26 variations.

The game itself is a simple interactive simulation. Your cousin, whom you haven’t seen since childhood, returns to town and rents an apartment alone. She happens to be lonely, and in need of companionship. You can explore her room, talk with her by answering questions, and obviously pleasure her.

You can read the official description for Itazura VR and the DLC, and then see some sample screenshots below:

ItazuraVR, is an adult VR game designed for multiple VR platforms. It is a game where a user engages in conversation and activities with Rui, an acquaintance from your youth who has just moved to your town. Players can decide what response to give to her questions and can interact with her. At one point, users find themselves having to fan her to cool her off. Rui makes eye contact with the player and scolds them when they admire her body and ignore her questions. Users find the lifelike realism of the experience and freedom to choose dialogue responses make ItazuraVR very immersive and fun to re-play.

Dress up Rui for your liking. She looks so different with new costume!

New costume (26 variations) for Rui!

・Sling Bikini (4 kinds)

・Bondage swimwear (4 kinds)

・Lingerie-style high leg (4 kinds)

・One-piece swimwear (4 kinds)

・Sweatshirts (10 sweaters)

In order to add those new asset, please put this Game folder in the ItazuraVR product folder located under C:\imagine-vr\

Both the game and the DLC are available on the ImagineVR store. You can get the DLC here for $8. Itazura VR is available here for $30. The game is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but can also be played without VR.

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