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Patreon-based fan translation team =Together= has translated 62studio’s battle fuck RPG, Lust Grimm, into English.

Lust Grimm is about a young lad, who is sucked into a book containing a fantasy world overpopulated by succubi. Naturally, he begins his quest to find a way out but has to protect himself from the demons hunting for his man-essence. Combat quickly ensues, but not in the traditional fashion. In this world, to fight means to fuck. The man will have to make his opponents climax, keep himself from cumming, and figure a way out.

The game is highly humorous, features over 45 characters with CGs and close to 200 adult scenes. You can read the official description below and view some sample screenshots:

When the protagonist woke up, he is in a strange space.

He soon found that busty succubi inhabit all around this world.

Will he able to get back to his original world, throughout pleasing attacks by succubi...

* An Orthodox Reverse R*pe Battle F*ck RPG!

Over 40 enemy characters, over 40 total CGs!

Succubi with quite big boobs approach the protagonist

having desires to seduce him in a variety of ways!

* H scenes are loaded with every one of enemy characters.

* The game content contains plenty of comedy / parody expressions.

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

* The save data can be transferred from the trial version to the retail version.


- Succumb or Cumquer! This Is The Battle F*ck!

Reciprocal pleasing attacks continue until one's cumforce runs out!

Be quick to find the enemy's weak spots, otherwise you will be......!?

* The "Lust Point" Prompts Further Teasing When Increased!

The "Lust Point" of yours increases by the succubus' temptation attack.

The more your Lust Point is, the severer the sex battle is!

* The "Addiction System", You will Get More Pleasure In Return Match!

As the pleasure of being defeated insistently remains in your memory,

you will take more pleasure in the return match than before.

Sometimes repeated defeat makes changes in H scene text...


All femdom situation!

Titjob, face between boobs, breastfeeding handjob, cowgirl sex etc.

About a half of all H scenes comes with big boobs fetishism.

[Other Features]

* Reminiscence Mode included!

* Difficulty Options!

* Rescue system will function depending on how many times you are defeated!

You can download the patch from the team’s Patreon page. The installation will require you to unpack the game’s files, with a guide on doing so available here.

Lust Grimm itself can be purchased from DLsite for about $11.81, estimated from 1296 JPY. A demo of the game is available as well.

Keep an eye out for more translations by following us on Twitter.

If you’d like to support LewdGamer directly, consider donating to our Patreon.

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