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A fully translated version of Color Jelly’s adventure game, Ghoul x Ghoulah, is now available on DLsite.

Described by the author as an ADV novel, Ghoul x Ghoulah is an exploratory adventure game where you take control over a dead traveler. After your sudden death, a necromancer named Mareeka summons you back to life, offering to team up for revenge.

Mareeka was studying necromancy until the local church went after her, burned her research and ransacked her house. They let her live, albeit with the restriction that she not stay inside the town at night. The now-ghoulish traveler, on the other hand, cannot walk in daylight. You will take control of the two characters, swapping between them as one goes to sleep. Your job is to explore the town and find ways to overcome various obstacles.

To empower her ghoul, Mareeka has cast magic upon the adventurer’s semen. If he creampies a girl, he will make her turn into an obedient Ghoulah — a female ghoul servant.

Check out the official description and sample screenshots below:


I died in a town ruled by occult worshippers.

However, a girl named Mareeka resurrected me.

At her proposal, we collaborated on revenge.


Follow the story of the undead protagonist and Mareeka

in the town where he died, switching between day and night.

attacking girls, spreading the "infection" of undeath.

Ghoul x Ghoulah is a zombie fantasy ADV novel.

H events with 12 characters

H scenes spanning 14 base CGs


Created with Wolf RPG Editor 2.

This is NOT an RPG! Please don't misunderstand.

Check the trial version to confirm genre and system compatibility.

Recommend purchase with a registered account for updates.

You can purchase Ghoul x Ghoulah on DLsite for about $8.84, estimated from 972 JPY. You will also find a demo of the game there.

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