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Publisher Sol Press is attempting to procure necessary funding to produce an English localization of Irotoridori no Sekai.

Irotoridori no Sekai is an urban fantasy visual novel released in Japan in 2011. Its protagonist is Kanoue Yuuma, a boy who can heal others with his touch, at the cost of losing his own memories in the process. This power was given to him in his childhood by a magician named Shinku Nikaidou. Currently, he resides in a dormitory together with a couple of girls, including his childhood friend, a sleepy hikikomori, and a cheerful newcomer. One day, a mysterious woman falls from the sky asking Yuuma for help. Meanwhile, the dormitory’s basement functions as a portal to another world.

The novel was developed by Favorite, with writing by Uroshibara Yukito and illustration by Shida Kazuhiro. It was highly successful and led to two sequels, creating a trilogy. Seeing the potential and appreciating its value, Sol Press has an interest in localizing the series, but cannot do so without external support.

Thus, they have launched a Kickstarter for their localization project. The initial goal is to gather $85,000 USD to finance localization of the first game in the series; however, to guarantee translation of the whole trilogy, a total of $250,000 would be needed.

Check out the official description of Irotoridori no Sekai and sample screenshots from the game’s Japanese version:

Kanoue Yuuma is a magician.

A magician with the ability to heal a person’s wounds, no matter what they may be, at a cost of his own memories.

This story takes place in the remote seaside town of Kazatsugahama, in a weird, wonderful student dorm known as the Arashiyama Manor.

Down in the basement is a link to another world. A vibrant, multicolored world…

For all the oddities surrounding this young man, he spends his life peacefully, almost as if it were a dream.

Until one day, it all changed. Under a full, glistening orange moon, a girl came down from the sky.

“Please, Mr.Magician. Won’t you help me?”

If the project interests you, visit the Kickstarter campaign to find out more and consider donating towards it. Donations of $35 or more will include a digital Steam key for Irotoridori no Sekai.

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