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Team Reclaim Reality has published a demo for their upcoming multi-genre science fiction adventure game, Reclaim Reality.

Indie eroge developer, Team Reclaim Reality, has released an extended demo of their science fiction yuri title, Reclaim Reality. The ambitious title will combine several different game genre elements from RPGs, fighting, rhythm, puzzle, platforming, and action games, with a progression and storytelling system resembling point-and-click adventure games.

The official overview of the plot leading straight to the sexual content:

Set in the year 2200, you play the part of Melinda, a 25 year old woman with the ability to analyze and deconstruct a situation like nobody's business.

Unfortunately, all the intellectual ability in the world won't matter if your brain itself is under attack, and that's exactly what's happening in Reclaim Reality.

Melinda is trapped in her own psyche; she's been poisoned, and doctors have been forced to put her in a medically-induced coma to slow the damage to her body.

Good news, though; after countless hours, the doctors now know exactly what needs to be done to cure her of the poison in her brain, allowing Melinda to be woken up from her coma safely.

The bad news is that Melinda's got two tasks she can only do from inside her psyche, and she'll need to do both well to have a chance of surviving.

First, in the short term, she'll need to "degauss" parts of her brain, allowing the doctors to cleanse that area of the poison temporarily, giving her a reprieve on permanent destruction of her mind.

And, well, the only way to "degauss" parts of her brain is to flood her brain with endorphins, and the strongest burst of endorphin release possible is of course, sex.

Some other features of Reclaim Reality include 13 female characters with their own yuri and tentacle robot scenes, a total of 21 different interactive and voice acted characters with intertwining backstories, a full soundtrack with over 80 different songs, interactive environments, and all of it encompassed by a branching storyline with multiple outcomes.

A few sample screenshots from the game can be seen below:

Further updates on the progress of Reclaim Reality can be found on the developer's official Patreon page as well as on Twitter.

The v0.05 demo for Reclaim Reality can now be played in a browser on Newgrounds or downloaded for the PC from Game Jolt.

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