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Rascal Devworks has developed and published a short, sci-fi yuri adventure Snowed IN on Steam and Nutaku.

Snowed IN is a short visual novel about two lovely girls: Linde and Sigma. Linde is a promising, yet spoiled cadet qualified to undergo her final exam. Her main weakness is her humanity: she needs to eat, keep warm, and sometimes gets horny. Her new partner, Sigma, has none of these issues, having replaced most of her body with robotic augments. With Sigma in the supervisory role, Linde’s exam should go rather smoothly; at least, in theory.

The novel has been produced and self-published by Rascal Devworks, making their debut on the lewd scene. It’s a simple, hour-long title focused on the intimate relationship between the two women. You can read the official description and check out sample screenshots below:

The human body has limitations. Flesh is weak.

In a world where even common citizens are enhanced to overcome their drawbacks, Sigma is a pioneer, an elite soldier more machine than human, as alluring as she is deadly.

But not everybody sees this cyber-frenzy with a positive eye…

Sigma gets tasked with supervising the final exam of a promising cadet. Seems easy enough.

The problem? The two of them are polar opposites.

While Sigma is an elite cyborg, Linde is all natural. Her body is slowed down by cold and hunger, and by desires…

Don't opposites attract each other? What is that glint in Linde’s eyes every time Sigma catches her staring?

Your choices determine the success of Sigma and Linde’s mission. Balance instinct with rationality to ensure its success, and you might bring cute Linde home.

Snowed IN is a complete game, and three side stories (2 lewd and one romantic) are planned as free content updates once certain milestones are released:

- 500 Twitter followers: “Cozy”

- 1000 copies sold: “Double trouble”

- 5000 copies sold: “Honey & Bees”

Key Features

• Fully uncensored character art by Julioalquae

• CGs come with multiple variations

• Short & lewd: 4 H-scenes in 1h playtime

• Partial voice acting

• Plot-related mini-game

• No DRM

• Windows

You can purchase Snowed IN on Steam and Nutaku for $1.39 at 30% off until the 1st of February, at which point it will cost $1.99

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